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You can only reach the Crystal Mines Abyss by dropping or climbing down from the Core or Entrance above. If you have a Rope you’ll be able to climb down without taking any damage.

The windgates at #2, #7 and #8 will take you back up to the levels above. Make sure you grab the Power Gem at #6 before leaving the mines.

Crystal Mine Abyss Map

Crystal Mine Abyss Walkthrough

1: Drop or climb down the chasms or pits in the level above to reach the Abyss.

2: Windgate back up to the Core. Pull the Lever to the north of it to open the gate.

3: Power Me Up. Any lightning damage into the receptor will open the door so you can grab the Mine Key.

4: Use the Mine Key to open this door.

5: Press the Button to remove or replace the barrier over the pit. Kill the creatures underneath the barrier and grab the Gold Key.

6: Power Gem

7: Windgate to the Core

8: Windgate to the Core


1: Forge of the Fallen Stars. Place the Meteor that you dug up from Sleet Island and you’ll get the Meteor Hammer.

2: Press the Secret Button to the south to access this secret. Inside you’ll find the Archmage’s Loafers and a Crystal Shard of Healing.

List of Items

1: Antivenom
2: Braodhead Arrow x2
3: Lightning Bomb x3
4: Antivenom
5: Lightning Blade
6: Mine Key
7: Crystal Flower
8: Crystal Shard of Healing, Crystal Flower
9: Food
10: Note “Watch your steps…”
11: Gold Key
12: Blooddrop Cap x2, Etherweed x2, Falconskyre x2

B: Blooddrop Cap
F: Falconskyre
M: Mudwort

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