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Ceremonial Chamber Walkthrough

You’ll emerge from the staircase at (1) after finding the 2 Tomb Keys on the level below, Tomb of Rites. The portal (2) to the Barren Desert can be opened by placing the 2 Tomb Keys in the locks at (3).

Once the portal is opened many Zombies will wander out. Kill them all and then head through the portal. Make sure you have plenty of supplies because it will be a long journey.

List of Items

1: Lightning Bomb x2, Broadhead Arrow
2: Scroll of Darkbolt
3: Pellets x10
4: Huntsman Cloak
5: Frost Bomb x2, Cannon Ball x3
6: Energy Potion
7: Gear Necklace
8: Bronze Brace
9: Meteor Leg Plate

C: Crystal Flower
F: Falconskyre

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