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Toxin Refinery Walkthrough

This level has two exits, a standard exit and a secret exit to the Military Base. Start by going through the door to the top left. From here go straight to the north and follow the passage around to a donut-shaped courtyard. If you fall down the central area you can push a Button to get back up.

Follow the passage to the east to find the Blue Key. When you pick it up a small alcove will open filled with Imps. From here you can head back to the start and go through the Blue Door which leads to the Exit or continue hunting around for the Secret Exit.

Head back the way you came. To the east is a door that you can open to overlook the room that leads to the secret exit. On the west side are stairs leading down. Kill the Imps and pull the Switch to open up a central stairway just to the south.

Run up the stairs you just opened to a computer room with the Yellow Key.  Walk back to the exit of this room and you’ll hear the sound of a lift. The ledge in the left back corner and the one to the back right corner drops down. Quickly run forwards and stand on the ledge before it lifts back up. This is Secret 1. Follow the stairs to a pedestal with a Soul Sphere. Press the Button on the side to lower the pedestal.

Head back to the computer room and this time run to the ledge on the other corner for Secret 2. This leads to a room surrounded by acid with a Rocket Launcher in the center. Take the tunnel through the acid on the eastern side to a small room with a Backpack and a Switch for Secret 3. Pulling the Switch lifts up a pathway in the room just north of the entrance room. This leads to the secret exit.

Push the wall to the east for Secret 4. and follow the passage south for a Chaingun and the lift back to the small room with the Switch.

Go back to the starting area and then through the Blue Door. Open Secret 5 to the east and go up the stairs for a Chainsaw. Continue around to a small closed room with windows to the outside. In higher difficulty levels you’ll be shot at by the Sergeants wandering around outside. Pick up the Soul Sphere, Blue Armor and Invisibility before heading back to the start.

Walk over the bridge to the other side and open the rock wall. As you enter further into this secret the walls will open up revealing more enemies. When you reach the small room with the Exit turn left and use the lift up to the ledge overlooking the donut-shaped courtyard for Secret 6. You’ll find some Rockets here. Head back down and take the Secret Exit to the next level.

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