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Sever the Wicked Walkthrough

As soon as you start walk forwards and hit the button on the left. This lifts up a platform behind you. You’ll be attacked from all sides so you’ll need to move quickly. Turn around, run over the platform that was lifted up and grab the Invincibility from the other side.

Take out as many as the enemies as you can before dropping off the platform and continuing the carnage.  Eventually you want to make your way to the stairs leading down into the building on the west side. Take the stairs up on the left and open the wall to the north for Secret 1. Inside you’ll find Blue Armor and a Chainsaw. Continue around the corridor and kill all the enemies in the next room, including the Baron of Hell on the platform in the center.

Make your way back down the stairs and down the next set of stairs. Follow one of the passages through to a circular room with a lift. When you drop the lift down you’ll be attacked by 2 Barons of Hell. Use the BFG to take them out and then go through the teleporter. This takes you to the southern room.

Take out the enemies and hit the button to the north to lower the platform that had the Baron of Hell on it from the room above but now you can pick up the Red Key. Go to the small room to the west and open the wall opposite the button. This is Secret 2, although each step counts as a secret so walking up to the room above actually counts for 19 secrets. In the room at the top of the stairs you’ll find a Soul Sphere.

The other two secrets are actually inside the torches in the small circular room below. You can’t reach them unless you cheat and turn clipping off. Press the button in the small room and open the wall to the right. Head through to the teleporter to be taken back to the starting area.

Now you have the red key you can open the gate to the north. Take out the Baron of Hell if you haven’t already and run around to the far side for the Blue Key. Go back through the gate to the starting area, turn around to face the gate and drop off onto a ledge on the right side.

Get your BFG ready and drop down to the lava. Quickly pick up the Radiation Suit in the corner, turn around and take out the Baron of Hell. Run to the other side and open the red door. Head up the stairs and follow the corridor around to the exit.

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