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Refinery Walkthrough

Immediately you’ll be attacked by 2 Imps and Cacodemons shooting fireballs at you from a cell to the south. If you have the Rocket Launcher take out the Cacodemons first and then enter the room to the right.

This room is filled with enemies so take your time picking them off.  When you’re done pick up the Radiation Suit and make your way to the south. There are two passages south of the cell with the Cacodemons. Take the western passage through the slime. On the other side you’ll find a Shotgun.

Clear out the enemies to the west and east. The circular room to the east has a secret door in the eastern wall. This counts as Secret 1. To the north of the next passage on the east wall just across from the room with moving floor is Secret 2.

The room with the moving floor has some loot and the secret door in the south wall to the circular room counts as Secret 3.

Go back to the south of the slime pool and head west. Look north and you’ll see a Baron of Hell if you haven’t triggered him already. Take him down and then go north and west to the room with the Blue Key.

Head down to the south and go west. Drop into the blood and quickly dash to the stairs to the north. Up the top you’ll find Secret 4 and a Plasma Gun.

Open the blue door to the east and head through the rectangular room to the pillar maze. Navigate through it to a slime pool. Jump in, turn right and right again for Secret 5 and a Radiation Suit. Go through the passage in the pool to the east to a circular room with a Soul Sphere for Secret 6.

Head back to the pool and take the exit to the north. Follow the passage around to the level exit.

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