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Dark Origin


Investigate the energy signature
Zeratul must survive

You begin with Zeratul, 4 Dark Archons and 2 Dragoons in the top left corner of the map. You’ll be doing an s-shape as you explore this map and end up in the bottom right corner. Use Zertaul to take out the first few Marines and then Mind Control the 2 Tanks to add them to your attack force. Mind Control the Science Vessel as well and then move forwards.

The first Test Subject is just past the tanks on the right. Take out the small defences and when Zeratul reaches the Beacon you’ll progress with the story. There’s a third tank you can Mind Control on a hill to the left. Carefully move your units towards the center of the map.  When the Battlecruiser approaches make sure you have a Dark Archon ready with the Mind Control.

Use the Siege Tanks to destroy the Crystals and Cannons, freeing the way for Zeratul to reach the next Beacon. Just to the south is a cliff. Send the Science Vessel over it to the south to lure out another Battlecruiser. Lure it close to a Dark Archon and Mind Control it as well.

Make your way to the left with the Tanks leading the charge. Put them into siege mode to take out the Marines on the platform. While this is happening send Zeratul up the ramp to the north to find another Test Subject. Destroy the fluid tank to release an Archon which will join your side.

Head through the pass between the platforms to the next Beacon. This fluid tank has Zerglings in it so you can just leave it alone. They’ll attack if you release them. Head down to the south and across to the right. Use the Battlecruisers to take out the Firebats.

You’ll need the Science Vessels close by to spot the Wraiths which will cloak when you attack them. Take them out with the Battlecruisers and save the Dark Archons so you can Mind Control the next Battlecruiser.

Use the Battlecruisers on the 3 Siege Tanks guarding this outpost . Push forwards and then send in Zeratul to the last Beacon to complete the mission.

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