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The Kel-Morian Combine


Gather 10,000 Minerals or Infest all 5 Command Centers

Your main goal for this mission is to gather 10,000 minerals but you can also complete the mission by infesting all 5 of the Terran Command Centers.

You begin with a small force to the south-west of the map including 2 Ultralisks, 5 Hydralisk, a Queen and 7 Zerglings. Send them to the small outpost to the north-east, destroy all the Terrans and set up your own base near to the minerals.

On the cliff to the east is another mineral patch but you’ll need to destroy some Terran Structures before you can claim it. It also give you a good point to launch your attack on the red Terran base.

To sweep through the red base you’ll need around 6 Ultralisks and a couple of groups of Hydralisks. Make sure you bring your Queen along so that you can infest the first Terran Command Center once it’s been damaged.

Take over the resource production of the red base and you should be well on your way to building a large Zerg force. Continue with the Ultralisks to quickly tear through the Terran structures and have a few groups of Hydralisks to deal with any flyers.

Sweep through the rest of the Terran bases, infesting the Command Centers as you come across them. Once the last Command Center has been infested the mission will be completed.

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