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Coastal Ruins

Secrets: 0

Just ahead in the dark there’s a Small Medipak. You may need to light a flare to see it. Continue down the steps and out the alley to a courtyard with palm trees. Go through the arch to the right of the second palm tree and then shoot the barred entrance to the Egyptian Adventure.

Enter, turn left and go down the passage just to the right of the cage. If you look inside you’ll see a Key dangling from a hook. You’ll grab that later. For now continue down the stairs and head up the stairs on the left. A Mummy will come out of a sarcophagus but don’t worry, it’s only a mechanical mummy. Shoot the next barred entrance on the right and go down the stairs. Stop before you reach the bottom as this room is trapped.

On the right side of the room is a mirror and in the far corner a Crossbow that you can only see by looking in the mirror. Some of the tiles are trapped with spikes. The path you need to take is shown below. The curved arrows are where you need to jump.

Carefully make your way over to the corner, pick up the Crossbow and make your way back to the stairs.¬†Go back up the stairs and run back to the room with the mechanical mummy and small pyramid. Combine the Laser Sight with the Crossbow. Now you can equip your crossbow and use ‘look’ to use the laser sight.

Slide down the passage on right side of the other side of the pyramid. A ledge will lift up with targets on the other side of the room. You’ll need to shoot all of the targets within 20 seconds or the ledge will drop away and you’ll fall down to the trapped floor below.

You can easily shoot all of the targets in one go by using an explosive arrow and shooting at the center of the opposite wall. This will disarm the spike traps in the floor. Drop down to the floor and pick up the Token on the other side of the room. Turn around and climb into the passage that’s now on the left. This will take you back to the pyramid room.

Run up the steps, past the mechanical mummy, and this time enter the second room on the right. Use the Token in the coin slot and the snake charmer will play a tune, raising the rope from the basket up to the roof. Climb up the Rope and backflip into the room above.

Pick up the Broken Handle and then use the Crowbar on the Wall Hook on the left side of the alcove. Combine the Broken Handle and the Wall Hook together in your inventory to make the Hook and Pole.

Drop back down, leave the room, turn right and go up the stairs on the left to the back of the cage. At the white box use the Hook and Pole to grab the Key from inside the cage. Lara will fling the Gate Key to the ground so make sure you pick it up.

Go back down the steps the way you came and then run around to the Pyramid Room. Run up the steps and continue back the way you came, back to the courtyard with the two palm trees. Turn right and go through the archway at the end on the right.

Drop into the water and pull up on the other side. Take a diagonal jump to grab the small crawlway to the left. Pull up and crawl through. Drop down and climb up the ladder just ahead to the Sunlit Hallway. Run to the other side and go through the archway on the left to the outside area. Follow the path around until you get a cut-scene of the coast.

Head around the white building on the left and jump to the white ledge. Take a running jump to grab onto the ledge on the other side of the water. Pull up for some Arrows.

Turn around and drop down to the ledge by the pool. Climb up to the white ledge where you came from and run up the hill. You’ll be attacked by a Skeleton. The best way to kill them is with explosive arrows or grenades. You can also shoot their heads off with regular arrows.

Enter the building, kill the 2 Skeletons and then run up the stairs on the left. Take a standing jump to the ledge above the hanging boulder and then take a standing jump to grab onto the ledge above the entrance to this building for Shotgun Shells (Wide) and a Small Medipak.

Drop back down to the ledge and take a running jump to the ledge on the other side of the room where the Skeletons came from. Use the Gate Key on the Black Gate. This is the entrance to the Catacombs. Run down the passage to enter the Catacombs.


Drop down into the room with broken pillars and follow the corridor to the left. You’ll notice part of the floor in the next room drops down as you stand on it. You’ll need to stabilize the floor before continuing to the main part of the Catacombs.

Push the White Carved Tile on the wall to the left to raise up a brown block and then leave the Catacombs the way you came.

Coastal Ruins

Drop down to the ground and then drop down the pit below the hanging boulder. Go down the steps, pick up the Torch and then carefully light it with the fire. Go back up the steps and jump up in the corner to light the rope that’s holding the boulder. You may have to give this a few tries until you jump in the right spot.

Once the rope is on fire the boulder will drop down after a few seconds, revealing a small crawlway behind where it was dangling. Crawl through and drop down on the other side. Use the Crowbar on the Black Gate. Make your way through the passage to enter another part of the Catacombs.


Run down the corridor and you’ll see the brown block that you lifted up earlier. Pull the pillar out once so that it rests on the brown block. This will stabilize the floor above it. Leave the Catacombs

Coastal Ruins

Climb back out of the pit and then make your way back up to where the Skeletons first appeared. Go through the upper Black Gate to head back into the Catacombs. Now that the floor has been stabilized you’ll be able to access the main part of the Catacomb area.

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