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Before coming back to the Trenches for the second time you’ll need to make sure you have the Roof Key from the Chambers of Tulun level.

Drive your bike forwards and hop off before the stairs on the right. There’s a Guard on the roof to the left and you may or may not be able to shoot him from here. Climb up the ledge on the left and drop down for a Large Medipak.

Run over to the right side and jump up to grab onto the trapdoor and pull it down. Climb up through the trapdoor and crawl through the passage to the other side. Drop down and pick up the Poisoned Arrows.

Climb through the crawlway on the other side and crawl up the ramp a little until you can shoot the Rock that’s stuck in the crevice. Now drop down over the edge but hang on. Traverse across to the left, all the way around the corners until you can drop down onto a ledge.

Jump up to grab onto the handholds on the roof and monkey swing across to the other side of the street. You’ll be attacked by Locusts as you go but just ignore them until they disperse.

Drop down, run forwards and kill another Guard on the left. He’ll drop a Small Medipak. Use the Roof Key to unlock the door on the right and go through to a ledge overlooking the street. Walk to the left side of the ledge and take a running jump to grab onto the crevice on the building on the other side of the street. Traverse across to the left until you can pull up.

Climb up another block or two and look through the opening on the left. You may be able to spot the Guard that was on the roof. Use your Laser Sight to snipe him if you can. Then use your Laser Sight to shoot the Electricity Box on the far wall. It has a red light above it. You’ll know you’ve hit it when it starts to smoke.

Go back to the opening over the street and drop down. Run back to your bike and get on. Drive back to the beginning of the level and then to the two sets of stairs. Go up the far left staircase and run over the 2 Guards. Head back and drive up the staircase just to the right. Take a run-up and use your boost to make it over the gap.

Leave your bike here and climb up the ladder to the next level.

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