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Secrets: 1

Run down the corridor past the posters on the wall and kill the 2 Black Scorpions in the dark corner. Light a flare if you need to and pick up the Small Medipak. Continue up the stairs on the left and out to the courtyard. Follow the Robed Guard as he runs into the building on the right. Kill him and his friend when he enters the crate room.

Make your way back out to the courtyard and you’ll be attacked by another Robed Guard¬†on the way out. As you come out enter the building on the right side of the fountain.

Run up the stairs for a cut-scene with Jean-Yves. Once he’s finished talking pick up the Shotgun Shells on the floor between the bookshelves and the Laser Sight, Shotgun Shells and Arrows on the small chest of drawers.

Head out onto the balcony and turn left. Two Snipers will try to shoot you from the other building. Take them out and then jump across to the ledge they were standing on. To the left you’ll find Uzi Clips.

Turn around and take a running jump to the rooftop. Traverse around the corner to the right and drop down to grab the Lever, which opens up the door to the only secret.

After dropping down to the ground open the door on the right and enter. Kill the Robed Guard and enter the room that you just opened at the back for Secret #1 with a Large Medipak and Two Sets of Arrows.

Leave the building, turn right and right again. Follow the alley around and kill one last Robed Guard. Pick up the Small Medipak and continue down the passage to end the level.

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