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Race for the Iris

The race for the Iris is still a tutorial level but you’ll have a race with Lara’s mentor. The exact path you take will depend on how many Golden Skulls you found in the first level. If you have all 8 skulls then you’ll take the longest and most difficult path.

If you want to beat the mentor follow him around the first few times to work out the exact path you need to make. You’ll be able to work out a few shortcuts as you go and beating him shouldn’t be too difficult after a few attempts.

The mentor will stop to close doors and try other methods to block you off. If you get stuck behind then you’ll need to reload and try again. After reaching the Iris and having a short conversation with your mentor he’ll get caught and Lara will have to leave him behind.

This ends the tutorial section. In the next part we’ll be heading off to the Valley of the Kings.

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