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The Great Hypostyle Hall

Secrets: 0

After you slide down pull up out of the shallow pit and run through the large opening to the left. Turn left and run past the columns to the shadowed area where you’ll find 2 Black Scorpions, a Small Medipak and Flares.

Leave and climb up the short blocks opposite the opening for Shotgun Shells. Now head through the smaller opening which was just to the right as you entered this area. There are a few Black Scorpions that will appear if you explore the ground floor area but there’s no need. Pull up to the second level. You will find some goodies if you hop around up here including Flares and Shotgun Shells.

Jump over to the sandy ledge on the left side. Make your way along it to pick up some Uzi Clips and a Small Medipak. Drop down to the ground level and then run around the corner to the deep pit.

A cut-scene will play, showing Von Croy dropping off some of his assassins to hunt you down. You’ll have to deal with them later.

For now stand on the left side of the pit and take a running jump to grab onto the other side. Pull up and run out to a small courtyard. Head through the passage to the right to another room with a Small Medipak and Uzi Clips. Make your way to the other side of the room and slide down the ramp to the left to finish the level.

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