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The Times Exclusive Tome Raider Level

Secrets: 2

The Times Exclusive Tomb Raider Level is a stand-alone bonus level for Tomb Raider 4. The level was originally released on The Times website and while no longer available on their website you can still download it here.

As the level starts you slide down into a room with two large statues. Turn around to the right and light a Flare. You begin the level with 3 Flares. Run through the corridor in the corner and turn on the last square. Take a standing jump to climb up into the passage above and crawl through.

Climb up the next three blocks and then into the passage with the ramp. Run into the corridor to the right for Secret #1 where you’ll find the Shotgun and Shotgun Shells (Wide). Run back the way you came and when you drop down to the last block slide down the ramp to the right to the room where you began.

Head down the ramp between the two statues and continue through the long hall with columns. Red Scorpions will run out at you from the sides and front. Continue through to the next room. Drop down the pit in the middle for a Small Medipak and Flares. Climb out and go to the next room.

Jump to the ramps on either side and wait for the spiked ball to roll down behind you. Then stand on the lowest point of the ramp and climb up to the ledge above on both sides. On one side you’ll find Shotgun Shells (Wide) and on the other Uzi Clips.

Drop down and go through to the next room. You’ll come back here but for now continue through the corridor to the right. Run up the stairs to the treasure room and search behind the ledges on either side for a Small Medipak and Arrows on one side and a Large Medipak and Shotgun Shells (Wide) on the other.

Climb up to the ledge and shoot the Gem from the Lion’s mouth. Jump across or climb to the other ledge and shoot the other Gem. When you break both of the gems a trapdoor on the left side of the golden statue sitting on the throne will open.

Drop down the trapdoor, follow the passage along, climb up the block and then the ladder to Secret #2. Inside you’ll find the Crossbow and Poisoned Arrows. Make your way back to the treasure room.

On the right side of the statue when looking at it from the front there’s a large Gold Cup near to the end of the ledge. Push it out twice until it sits on the red symbol. This will raise a block in the room at the bottom of the stairs and release 2 Wild Dogs.

Kill the dogs and then run down to the room below where you’ll find another 3 Wild Dogs. Climb onto the block and then take a standing jump to grab onto the crawlway. Climb in and stand up on the other side. Run along the passage and as you do the Mummies will awaken. There’s no way to kill them so just ignore them and drop down the other side of the passage to a room with a boat.

When you enter 4 Crocodiles will attack. Break the jar on the right for a loaded Revolver. Dive into the water and swim under the ledge where you entered this room. Pull the Switch to open the door on the other side of the pool and then swim over to the other side.

Climb up to the opening and run through to the two-storied room. Many of the jars can be broken. Some contain loot and others Beetles. If you break a jar with beetles walk back over the grate and the beetles will fall through. The jars on the lower level contain Revolver Ammo and a Laser Sight. You can attach the Laser Sight to the Crossbow or Revolver.

Climb up to the upper level and shoot the jars for Revolver Ammo and a Small Medipak. There are no beetles up here. When you are done drop down, pull the Gold Vase out of the way of the exit in one of the corners and run through. Shoot the first and second jar on the landing for Revolver Ammo and Flares. The third jar only contains a Scorpion.

Head down the stairs to the sand pit. Shoot the Heads on the wall with the Laser Sight to break them and release sand. The pit will fill up with sand so you can run across.

Avoid the Mummies on the other side and wait for the spiked ball to roll down before continuing up the passage. Hide in the alcove to the right to avoid the second spiked ball and then continue up the passage to the mask room. Take the Gold Mask from the pedestal and when you do the gate to the right opens. Run through the passage and up the stairs to a hallway. Half way down Beetles will attack. Take cover in one of the alcoves until they’ve all fallen down the grating.

Continue to the end of the hallway and jump up grab the handle of the trapdoor and open it. Climb up through the hole and then run up the stairs to complete the level.

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