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Menkaure’s Pyramid

Secrets: 1

Run into the cave and pick up the Uzi Clips on the left and the right. Jump up to the block in the far left corner, turn around and jump up to grab onto the handle of the trapdoor and open it. Climb out to the outside area above.

You’ll be attacked by a Giant Red Scorpion. Follow the sandy path down and take the first left. Another Giant Red Scorpion is attacking a Soldier. Kill the scorpion and if the soldier dies he’ll drop Revolver Ammo.

Run back to the sandy path, turn right and then left for a Large Medipak. Run back down the sandy path and turn right to a large pit. Stand on the far left corner and take a running jump over the pit to the path to the left.

Follow the path around to the right and kill another Giant Red Scorpion. Take the next left and then take a running jump over the pit towards the pyramid from the left side of the pit. Grab onto the other side and pull up. Kill the Giant Red Scorpion on the left and the Beetle on the right.

In a minute you’ll climb across the pyramid to the level exit but before you do that stand at the edge of the pit on the right. Turn right and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the block ahead.

Pic 1

Pull up and slide down the other side. Take a jump across to the flat block and then a standing jump across to the left. Kill the Beetle and then use Action to open the door to the building on the right.

Quickly run inside to find a Soldier battling with a Giant Red Scorpion. Target the scorpion with a powerful weapon and shoot it until you see a cut-scene. If you kill the Scorpion before the soldier dies he’ll give you The Guard’s Keys as well as the Armory Key. If he dies then he’ll only drop The Guard’s Keys. The Armory Key is used to access a secret in a later level.

Leave the building and head back to the pit. To get across jump up to grab the block on the right. Traverse around the corner to the left. Continue traversing to the left until you can’t go any further and then drop down.

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Turn around and run towards the pyramid. The path across the pyramid is pretty tricky. Run up to the flat block on tier 1 then jump up to the flat block on tier 2. Jump up and across to the left to the 4 flat blocks on tier 3.

Pic 3

Kill the Beetle to the left and go to the end block on the left. Stand at the lower corner and take a running jump diagonally down to land on the 4 flat blocks on tier 1. You’ll be attacked by another flying Beetle.

Run to the last flat block on the left and then go up one tier. Climb up to the 2 blocks on tier 3 and then up to tier 4 and jump up to tier 5 and then to the 2 flat blocks on tier 6. Walk onto the block on the right and you’ll be attacked by a flying Beetle from the pyramid entrance.

Take a running jump across the 2 sloped blocks to the entrance to the pyramid. You can open the doors now with The Guard’s Keys but we’re going to stop for a secret before entering.

Go to the right side of the doors and drop down to tier 5. Take a standing jump from the right side diagonally up and to the right to another 2 flat blocks on tier 6. You’ll be attacked by a flying Beetle.

Climb up to tier 7 and then up to tier 8. Take a standing jump to the left, over the sloped block, to a flat block just above the entrance with a Small Medipak.

Take a running jump to the flat block on the other side of the door and pick up the Revolver for Secret #1. A Swarm of Beetles will be released. Quickly drop down, go through the doors and run down the corridor to the level exit.

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