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Command Control Walkthrough

From the Start open the wall to the left for Secret 1. Inside you’ll find a Backpack, Medikit and Shotgun Shells. Open the door out to the rectangular room and kill the Zombiemen and Imps. There’s a few enemies looking out from the corridors above and a Soul Sphere visible to the south that you’ll pick up later.

The rectangular room has three ground floor exits on the western side. Take the southern exit to a room with a slime river. Drop into the river and quickly run to the east for Secret 2 where you’ll find a Rocket Launcher. The Switch and lift lead up to Secret 3. The lift only works once so stand on the lift and carefully flick the Switch. Up the top you’ll find a Soul Sphere.

From here you can go back to the rectangular room and take the other passages. You don’t need to clear out the rest of the eastern section of the map unless you want 100% kills and items.

Take one of the paths to the central circular room. When you approach the center the middle doors will open, releasing the Imps from within. Inside you’ll also find the Blue Key.

Take the western exit and head to the south-west to the maze. It’s filled with Imps and Demons so be cautious. When you make your way out of the maze to the north you’ll find the Yellow Key. Go up the stairs to the north and pull the Switch by the yellow door. This lifts up the bridge leading to the exit.

There are two paths to the exit. You can either go through the yellow door or jump into the slime pool and go up the stairs. This takes you through a small blue room with some extra loot. Either way walk up the steps and across the bridge to the level Exit.

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