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They Will Repent Walkthrough

From the start kill the Zombiemen and Shotgun Guys. Turn around and take out the Cacodemon flying around in the outside courtyard. Walk down the steps and take out as many enemies as you can through the window to the right and then go through the door to the south.

There’s quite a few enemies out here so proceed carefully to the next door along on the right and go through. If you took out most of the enemies through the window there shouldn’t be too may left alive in this room. Go up the lift and grab the Red Key.

Drop back down and go through the red door to the southwest of this room. Open the wall on the left for Secret 1. Continue forwards to a circular ledge jutting out over an acid pool. Pick up the Plasma Gun and kill the enemies in this room now if you want but you’ll be back here later.

Backtrack to the the southern room to the south of where you picked up the red key. Take out any remaining enemies and then go through the teleporter. This takes you to the ledge around the outside. Pick up the loot and dash back across to the center area. Take the lift down and go through the door to the west.

Follow the corridor around to the north, open the door and pick up the Blue Key. Follow the corridor around to the east to the bridge over the acid with the Baron of Hell. Open the door to the north, take out the Shotgun Guys, and hop across the pillars to the eastern door.

There’s a few enemies to take out so use your BFG if you want. Head down the stairs, run across the lava to the left just before the yellow door. Go through the door and open the wall to the left for Secret 2 where you’ll find a Beserk Pack. Go through the teleporter to end up in the exit room on a very thin ledge. Take out the Lost Souls and Shotgun Guys then walk across the ledge to pick up the Yellow Key.

Drop down to the lava. There is an Invulnerability on the eastern side which you can grab first, otherwise step onto the teleporter to be taken back to the little room. If you want the BFG go up the stairs and jump out the window to land on the little ledge by the exit switch. Carefully make your way around to the BFG and then back to the platform. Yes, you don’t even need to open the yellow door. Hit the exit switch to complete the level.

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