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And Hell Followed Walkthrough

While there are 3 keys in this level the only one needed to get to the exit is the red key. The others open up optional areas.

Getting to the red key and out to the exit isn’t too difficult. Kill the enemies in front of you and take the stairs up to the left. Turn left again and clear out the room ahead. Pick up the Red Key from the balcony and go back to the starting area.

Open the door to the north, which requires the red key, and clear the outdoor area. Drop down to the acid pool on the west side, grabbing the Radiation Suit as you drop down. Open up the red bars to the west and go up the lift. When you press the skull button a Baron of Hell is lowered down. Kill him and then press the button which raises two bridges to the center area. Drop down, head over the bridge and hit the switch for the exit.

For the secrets the skull button on the north wall of the southern room opens up the wall to the east for Secret 1. Open the wall to the south of the skull button for Secret 2. A Cyber Demon will teleport in but luckily opening the wall to the east reveals an Invulnerability Sphere. The ledge with the sphere and the door that opens it both count as secrets but you can’t trigger them. Without using cheats the best you can do for this level is 50% for the secrets.

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