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Military Base Walkthrough

You start in a small corridor looking out to a courtyard. In the center is a cage full of Imps. Stay hidden in the corridor until you deal with the Sergeants wandering around.

Take the western exit down to a room with the Yellow Key. The room to the north has a Rocket Launcher but when you step on the star monsters will start spawning.

Go back to the central courtyard and take the eastern exit. The wall to the east is a lift to another courtyard with Green Armor and a Medikit.

Go back to the previous room and take the lift in the south-west corner down to Secret 1 where you’ll find a Chaingun and plenty of Bullets.

Make your way to the southeastern room and pick up the Red Key. Picking up the key opens the wall to the southeast and releases a group of monsters.

The Blue Key is found in the southern room but it’s hidden behind a box. Head to the southwestern room, blow up the barrels and use the Switch to lift up the box. You can now head back and pick up the Blue Key.

Go back to the central courtyard and take the northern exit. Open the eastern wall for Secret 2 where you’ll find a room with items balanced on top of pillars. Make your way around counter-clockwise to pick them all up by running from pillar to pillar.

The Exit Button is inaccessible at first. Swim around the canal to the back and hop onto a small ledge. Kill the Imp and pull the switch. A passage will open to the west. Go through the passage and you’ll return to the exit room. Now a there’s a bridge across the acid. Walk across and hit the Exit Button to complete the level.

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