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Alpha Labs Sector 4

There’s a health station as soon as you enter so fill up your health if you need it. Head through the door to find the Scientist stuck in the room below.

You have the choice to activate the chamber or open the chamber. If you want access to his lab then I recommend opening the chamber and letting him out.

Ride the lift down on the right and talk to the scientist. He’ll be standing outside his lab. Go inside and pick up the Michael Abrams PDA and the Mach 2 Chain Gun Briefing VD.

The scientist is also holding a PDA so knock him out and grab the Larry Kaczynski PDA. Leave the lab and cross over the bridge where Larry was stuck.

Continue through the next door and take out the Imp and Spiders. Head up the stairs and follow the corridor around to two doors and a Spider trap.

Go through the door on the left for a scary encounter and then take the door on the right. The path splits here and you have a choice to make. Make sure you pick up the Henry Nelson PDA on the desk.

You can either activate the EFR System or Extended Service Bridge. The EFR is a more direct route but you’ll be platforming and jumping across moving ledges. Extending the bridge is a darker and longer path and has many more monsters.

The choice is yours but they both lead to the same place. There are no more PDAs in this level so you’re not going to miss out anything either way.

If you extend the service bridge you’ll come across Locker 064. Use code 651 to open it. Inside you’ll find some Plasma Cells. Grab them and continue through the door.

The paths meet up just before going through the blue doors to the spider room. You’ll spot Swann making his escape through the window.

Continue around to the spider room and get ready for a boss fight with a creature called the Vagary. It will lift up the spiked rocks and throw them at you.

Try to kill it quickly with the plasma gun if you can and then head through to the next area.

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