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Mars City Underground

When you arrive in this area you’ll be given your Pistol and Armor. After the radio test head through the door to the Underground Junction. The civilian in front of you has the Daniel Young PDA. You’ll need to knock him out or shoot him to grab it.

Head down the stairs and go through the door to Energy Stabilization. Rogers will stop you for a chat as you head through the next door.

Continue around past R. Fry looking in the tube and you’ll spot Locker 023 on the left side. Next to it is the Grant Bastion PDA. The code for the locker is 531.

Make your way forwards, past Sinclair at the bridge, who gets scared when you sneak up on him. Go through the Maint-PD1 Garage door and use your flashlight to make it down the stairs.

Go through the Garage-b2 Access door. Talk to M. Ryan and then knock him out for the Mark Ryan PDA.

Go through the airlock to the Mars surface. Cross the bridge and enter the building on the other side. You have a limited amount of oxygen so move quickly if you want to explore outside.

Take the lift up to Communications on level 2. Make your way around to Main Communications to find the scientist.

The scientist gets turned into a Zombie so take him out with your pistol. A Zombie with a pistol appears in the doorway behind you so watch out for him as well.

Look at the computer screen and attempt to send the message. There’s nothing else to do here so you’ll need to fall back to Marine HQ.

Backtrack to the lift and take it down to Surface Access. Go through the airlock and across the bridge to the main building on the other side.

When the airlock opens take out the Zombie and head up the stairs. Go through the door and kill the Zombie with the wrench. Take the only exit and kill the Zombie that climbs up the ladder by the retractable bridge.

The door you came through originally is not working so you’ll need to lower the bridge. Head across but watch out for the Pistol Zombie in the closet. There’s another one in the next room.

You don’t have security access for the Processing Unit so go down the stairs and pick up the Frank Delahue PDA on the desk.

Now you’ll be able to get through the Processing Unit door. Follow the corridor around to the next door and go through. You’ll find a Shotgun on a crate in the lower level. When you grab it the floor lowers and you’ll me attacked by three Zombies.

Take the ladder back up and go through the next door. Follow the only path around, taking out the Zombies along the way.

Through the next door you’ll see the left side is blocked off due to the flames.

Instead go to the right to find the consoles to turn off the valve. On Valve 3 Terminal click on the button to unlock the Hatch. This unlocks the hatch just behind the pipes to your right. The light above the hatch will turn from red to green.

On Valve 1 Terminal enter the code 842 to seal the gas leak and turn off the flames. It will give you access to the room beyond the flames with some health and shells.

When you’re done continue around the corridor and down the stairs. Go through the door and then the next door to a Health Station.

Follow the path around and go through the next door. Take the door through the Convergence Chamber-2 but watch out for the Imp waiting for you on the other side.

Retrace your steps back through the next rom in the dark and through another convergence chamber. Eventually you’ll be back at the bottom of the room where you entered the Underground Junction.

Head up the stairs but watch out for falling debris. Go through the room that the Imp comes out of and use the console to unlock the security check point.

Click on Mars City Sublevel Access tab to unlock Entrance Locker 1 and also to unlock Storage. The storage room can be found on the lower level. You’ll need to jump over the railing and walk across the wire to reach it.

When you’re ready go back up the stairs and through the security check point. Pick up the Machine Gun from Locker 1 that you unlocked earlier.

Take the lift back to Mars City.

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