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Once the tram stops get out and climb down the ladder under the track. You’ll find the Rocket Launcher.

Climb back up the ladder and head up the stairs. Go through the next few doors and around the walkway. In the control room to the right there’s a few Troopers. Take them out and use the Health Station if you need it.

Continue through the next door and make your way down the stairs to the elevator. You can’t use it at the moment so continue through the next door.

Use slow time to take out the Commando and Vulgars in the next area. There’s a couple of exits but only one that opens. Go through and up the stairs.

It would be a good idea to use slow time in the next room as a few Troopers and Vulgars appear from the sides.

The exit to the right is just a storage room so take the door on the higher walkway to the left. Watch out for the Pinky Demon in the next hallway.

Continue through to the Teleporter Room. Use slow time to clear out the enemies. The teleporter isn’t working so go into the control room where you’ll find a Health Station and computer.

Click the button on one of the monitors to transfer access permission to the control station. Then use the next monitor to scan for active pads.

While you’re waiting a Hell Knight will wander through.

There is insufficient power to use the teleporter so leave the control room and take out the 4 or 5 Revenants that spawn in.

At the top of the stairs take the door to the left leading to a new area.

Clear out the Zombie and Vulgars on the walkways, and then the Troopers who run up from the stairs.

Continue around the upper walkway past the yellow barrel. Take out the Revenant and Vulgar and continue around to the storage room filled with Zombies.

A couple of Vulgars will spawn in when you enter. Inside you’ll find some health and Storage Locker 042 but you don’t have the code for it yet.

Go through the next door, take out the Pinky Demon and drop down under the floor. You’ll come up in a small room with the SkyTram Access Card, PDA (Bernard Fresko) and a Health Station.

The PDA gives you the access code for the locker. It’s 714. Go back and open the locker for some goodies. Then come back to the health station and go through the door.

Take the elevator down to the Lobby. Now you have the access card you’ll be able to get access to the SkyTram.

Take the door at the bottom of the stairs and get ready for another fight with a Hell Knight and Revenants.

Go through the door to the SkyTram Station but watch out for a Revenant immediately behind it. In the tram room climb down the ladder and grab the Plasma Gun and cells by the body.

Head back up the ladder and enter the SkyTram. Press the button to activate it and enjoy the ride.

When you get out on the other side open the bay doors and go through to the next area.

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