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Once the bay doors open take a look around and you’ll see a marine calling down to you from above.

You’ll need to find 2 Power Cells to activate the lift. Go up the stairs and out through the green door. Watch out for the Trooper Zombies in the next room.

Continue through the next door and you’ll come to a small hallway with three doors. The doors to the left and right are stuck so you’ll need to go straight ahead through the large green door.

Continue through to the room with the tanks. There’s a storage cabinet at the end of the walkway but you don’t know the code for it yet.

You can climb up to the ledge above for a Health Station but when you’re ready to move on go down the steps and into the hellish tunnel.

Kill the Imp, Troopers and Vulgars on the other side. One door is locked so go through the only unlocked door at the end of the walkway.

You’ll find yourself inside the room above the locked storage cabinet from earlier. Grab PDA (Ron Gibbons) and unlock the door.

This PDA gives you the code for Locker 408 which is 937.

Grab the loot and then climb back up to the ledge and head back into the building. You’ll now have access to get through the security door in the previous room.

Head through and go down the hallway. Take out the Vulgars and Zombies and then go through the only available door to progress. The security door is locked so head around to the large green door and go through.

You’ll be in a room with walkways on either side. On this side you’ll see a generator for the lift but it’s not powered. Watch out for the Vulgar that drop down.

You’ll also find PDA (Mac Smith) by the body on the floor. Head back through the green door and now you can open the security door.

Head through and take out the Zombies. On the right side you’ll find Locker 407. Use the same code as the last one, 937.

On the left side is a Power Cell. Remove it from the generator and take out the Vulgars that spawn in. Return to the room with the walkways and insert the Power Cell into the generator so you can ride the lift up.

Make sure you step off at the top before you get squashed. Go through the green door and continue into the next room. In a small alcove to the left you’ll find a Health Station.

In the far corner by a body you’ll find PDA (Nathan Reynolds).

Go through the only other door into a small lunch room. Take out the enemies and go out the other door.

Take out the Trooper hiding behind the box and continue through to the walkway area. Take the stairs down and go through the security door. Press the Release Bridge button and wait for the bridge to appear.

Head across and go down the ladder to the generator with 2 Power Cells. Grab them and go up the stairs.

Head through the door and you’ll be back in the small hub area.

Head to the right and go through the door. Return to the beginning of this level and place the 2 Power Cells in the generator. Ride the lift up and climb the ladder up the rest of the way.

Follow the narrow tunnel through to a room with a Health Station and elevator to the next level.

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