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Once the elevator door opens hunt around for ammo and then head up the steps to the golden door. In the next room you’ll be facing a handful of Wraiths. Take them out and go up the stairs to the floating eggs.

Go through the next golden door but watch out for the Spiders on the other side. Proceed through the next golden door

You’ll find PDA (Stewart Jackson) by a corpse. As you step forwards the rest of the path will appear and projectiles will fly from the sides.

To get past you’ll need to use the Artifact to slow time and make it to the center. Stop briefly and continue towards the end. You may need to use two charges if you wait in the middle.

Head around to the next room and kill the Vulgar. You’ll find some goodies if you hunt around but the path forwards is through the yellow door.

Clear out the Trooper Zombies and Vulgars and then take a look around. There’s lots of Health in the first cabinet. You don’t have access to the security door yet so go through the green door and then take the elevator up to level 2 Medical Labs.

Clear out the 3 Trooper Zombies and grab health from the Health Station if you need it. There’s a locker nearby but you need to find the code for it first. Head through the next door to the x-ray machine.

Kill the Zombies and go through the next door to a control room. You’ll witness the transformation of a worker to a Zombie.

On the counter you’ll find PDA (Preston Glenn). The code for the storage lockers is 769.

Remove the Power Cell from the generator and make your way back to the locker you passed earlier. A few Vulgars will spawn in on the way back. Head to Locker 105 and use the code 769 to unlock it. There’s also a Health Station nearby.

Go back to the elevator and take it down to level 1. You have the PDA now so you’ll be able to get through the security door. Near to a corpse you’ll find PDA (Steven Crane).

Read the emails to find the code to the Shotgun Case, 428. The door behind you breaks shut so there’s no going back. You can’t get into Artifact Storage at the moment so head through the green door to your left.

From here you can go into Offices or Artifact Control. First go into Offices where you’ll find a Health Station, Sarge’s Double-Barreled Shotgun and the Administration Key. Use the code 428 to open the case.

Use the Administration Key to get into the other office and take the Power Cell from the generator. You’ll now have two cells.

Go back and enter Artifact Control. Place the two Power Cells in the generator and click on the Vent Gas button.

Return the way you came and enter Artifact Storage. On the ground in the middle of the room you’ll find PDA (Viktor Kharkov).

Grab the tablet fragment known as The Primitive and then take out the Vulgars that spawn in. You May want to use the artifact to slow time.

Head out through the door and open the Bay Door so you can take the elevator to the next level.

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