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As soon as you step out of the elevator you’ll be in the reception area of Phobos Labs. Take the only available exit through the door to Research on the left. Take a look at the Gallery to the right.

Around the back you’ll find some Armor. Grab it and head out. Continue down the corridor and through the next door.

This is a little hub area with doors leading to Research Sector A, Research Sector B and Research Security. The only unlocked door is Research Sector A so go through to the next area.

Research Sector A is a square office area with office spaces around the outsides. Inside the meeting room you’ll find PDA (James Owens).

As soon as you pick it up enemies will start spawning in so I suggest using slow time to clear them out.

Head back to the hub room and a Bruiser will spawn in. These beasts are as big as hell knights with a cannon on each arm.

Use the PDA to go through Research Sector B. Inside you’ll find a Sentry Bot outside the office of Dr. McNeil.

Go inside to have a chat with her and she’ll give you the Pumping Station Access Card.

Follow the passage around to the right and go through the door to a little storage room. Head out the other side and take the airlock out to the surface of Mars.

Watch out for the Forgotten Ones. Take them out then grab the Oxygen Tanks at the end of the low walkways.

Follow the walkway around to the right, take out the Revenant and head up the stairs for a second Revenant. Go up another set of stairs as the airlock below is broken.

Up the top you can go through another airlock into the Pumping Station after killing a couple of Forgotten Ones.

Go up to the control panel on the higher platform and press the Emergency Shutdown button.

Take out the Revenants as you make your way to the other exit but make sure you grab PDA (Seth Killian) on the platform under the pumping station control.

There is a Health Station just by the other exit. Once you open the door you’ll be back on the surface of Mars. Take out the Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons as you make your way across the bridge to the other airlock.

On the other side of the airlock you’ll be attacked by a couple of Vulgars. Quickly make your way past a Health Station through to the kitchen.

Use the Artifact to slow time and continue forwards to take out a handful of Troopers in the next hallway.

At the end of one of the hallways you’ll find PDA (Keith Noordzy). Read the emails to find the bridge code – 281.

Go through the door at t-junction and on the other side of the storage room you’ll find the bridge. Enter the code 281 to lower the bridge so you can get across.

Take out the Troopers in the bridge control room and click on the Activate Lift button on the monitor. The lift will move around so you can get to it through one of the doors.

Head back across the bridge and through the storage room. Go right at the intersection and through the door. Follow the passage around to the right, back to the kitchen.

Go through the room with the Health Station and through the two doors to the right to find the lift that you just activated.

Activate the lift and it will take you around to another door. Grab the Plasma Cells and go through the door for a boss fight.

Invulnerability Hunter Boss Fight

In the original version there’s an underground section with a Health Station and corpses to recharge your Artifact. For some reason this has been removed in the BFG version.

This boss fight occurs over several phases. You’ll first need to damage the hunter until it draws energy from one of the surrounding pods. This will activate the pod so you an open it and destroy the canister within.

Target the Hunter again and repeat the process until it’s defeated. The Artifact will gain the ability to give you invulnerability when activated.

Return to the lift and ride it around to the next door. Follow the corridor around to a little control room with a Health Station and PDA (David Edens).

Click on the Open Lock button and a couple of Bruisers and a Revenant will spawn in. Take them out and go through the door you just unlocked.

Return to the Gallery and take out the Revenant. Then head through the door back to the start of this level. Take out more Revenants and a couple of Bruisers.

Open the bay doors and take the lift to sector 3.

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