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Communications Central

As you walk out into the first room and head towards the vent on the right a Cacodemon will rise up from under the floor. Inside the vent you’ll find some Plasma Cells.

Go up the stairs and use the lift. You can’t get to Maintenance so instead go to Communications on level 3.

Click on the Open Maintenance Hatch button immediately to your right to open up the secret room ahead. Grab the loot but watch out for the Imps that spawn in. Make your way through the next two doors to the hub.

This is where you get access to the Monorail but it’s locked for now. Go up to the computer and unlock Communications. Kill the Cacodemon that spawns in and head through the door opposite the monorail access.

Head around to the Communications Hallway where you’ll spot Swann destroying the communications room. You’ll start facing Shielded Zombies. Use a grenade to take them out, then go through to the Main Communication Room. Look on the lower desk for the Seamus Blake PDA.

Go back out the way you came and open the door to Engineering. Go through Comm Engineering Unit 1 and call the lift in the next room. Ride it down, take out the enemies and go through Comm Engineering Unit 1.

When you see the Fat Zombie hiding around the corner take a look at the monitor behind him and press the Open Additional Area Venting.

A hatch on the right will open. Go through the vent for the health and armor shards. Come back out and continue through the next door.

When you get to the T-junction on the walkway go to the right , head up the stairs and duck down under the machinery so you can get to the next door.

Ride the lift up to the Comm Systems area. Head along the walkway, taking out a few Zombies along the way. By the door you’ll find the Ben Wolfe PDA. Watch out for the 2 Cacodemons that will come through the door.

Go through the door, up the stairs and into the Security Office. Open Locker 054 with the code 246. Take a look at the computer and press the Activate Sentry button. Leave the office and follow the sentry through the door on the left.

Follow the Sentry around, taking out the enemies along the way. It will stop at the lift. Ride it up to Satellite Control. As you step out you’ll spot the Rob Finch PDA.

Head along the Satellite Control Skyway to the Control Center. Activate the Decryption Sequence. You’ll then be given an option, cancel the transmission or transmit. The choice is yours and the main story will continue the same way either way.

Head back to the lift and ride it down to Maintenance. The path is linear here so continue along to the next lift and ride it back up to Communications.

Go back to the hub and use the computer to unlock the monorail access. Go through the door to the next level.

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