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Communications Transfer

Open the door and you’ll be on the Mars surface. Quickly make your way around to the building on the other side and go through the airlock.

Take out the enemies, head through the door up the stairs and take the next stairs down. At the bottom a creature will try to break through a door.

After that Imps will spawn in front and behind you. There’s only one way to go so head around the corner and duck down so you can crawl through the vent. Follow the passage around until you can stand up again, then take the ladder down.

You’ll be on the surface of Mars again so you’ll need to move quickly. Explore the area if you want more goodies but watch out for the Trites/Spiders. Call the lift down on the other side and ride it up.

Take out the enemies, including the Imp on the ledge above, then head around to the left to a long hallway with a walkway on the left.

You’ll see Counsellor Swan driving past, then a couple of Cacodemons will spawn in. Just ahead you’ll find the boxes of Chainsaws that were delivered instead of jackhammers. The door on the right is locked for the moment so take the door on the left. Inside you’ll find the James Holiday PDA.

When you pick it up 2 Chainsaw Zombies will run out at you. Take them out and grab the Chainsaw. Head out and open the locked door on the other side.

The next door on the left is locked for now so continue around to the right. Watch out for the Imps and Demon that spawn in. Try to call the lift. It will not work but now you can open the other door that was locked.

Take out the enemies, including a Cacodemon, then take the next door. Behind it the floor is cracked.

Jump across for Armor if you want otherwise follow it around to the right and go up the ladder. You’ll arrive at Station 2 but access is locked for the moment. You’ll need to find a PDA first. The console includes a map of the area.

Go through the unlocked door and you’ll be at an intersection. First take the path around to the left for a storage room, then take the path to the right.

Follow the path around and go through the next door to find Station 1. By the corpse you’ll find the Ron Ridge PDA. This will give you clearance to use the stations.

Use the console to call the lift to station 1. You’ll need to use the lift to reach the upper control room. Use the lift manually rather than going straight to one of the other stations.

There are two ways to reach the upper level. You can move the lift upwards at the intersection where the panel opens with the Zombie behind it, circled on the map below.

The other option is to move the lift forwards a couple of times and then upwards so you can jump over the railing onto the walkway above.

If you fall off the lift and can’t get back on you’ll need to run back to one of the stations and call it back.

On the top level clear out the enemies and find the console to unlock the security door. Go back to the lift and ride it to Station 3.

Explore the area down below if you want, otherwise head through the door and take the lift down to the Beserker.

The Beserk only lasts about 20 seconds so punch out the Zombies quickly. Jump up the platforms to get out and then open the airlock. Go through and out the other side. Once again you’ll see Swann making an escape in the jeep.

Quickly head across the bridge before you run out of oxygen and go through the airlock on the other side to complete this level.

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