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Delta Labs Sector 5

Back from Hell you’ll have lost all your weapons so pick up the Pistol and then drop down through the hole in the floor. Crawl through and pick up the Machine Gun and Grenades along the way.

Use Grenades to take out the Commando Zombie on the other side and then crawl out. Go through the plain door first, kill the Commando and pick up the Chainsaw and ammo. Then head back and go through the Bay Door.

Kill the Trites as they emerge from the walls and head around to the right and then take a left. Use grenades to kill the Commando as it spawns in.

Turn around and take out the second Commando that spawns behind you as you approach the lift. The lift is broken so you’ll need to climb the ladder.

Crawl through the vent and drop down the other side. A Commando will run away if you don’t kill him first. He’ll soon run back after you drop down along with one of his friends. Watch out for the Arch Vile behind the roller doors.

Climb up the stairs and take out a second Arch Vile behind the door. A Commando will run up from behind as well. Head through and call the lift. Ride it down to the lower level and take out the Commando behind the next door.

Kill the Revenant at the top of the stairs and head up. There’s a Health Station through the next door and then the lift. Take it up to Delta Authority.

Go through the door behind the lift and you’ll find Counsellor Swann. After talking to him take the Swann PDA by his feet.

The door at the top of the steps is locked so go through the only other door on the other side of the desk. Drop down into the vents and crawl through. Climb up a ladder, turn around and continue through the next vent into a small storage room.

Press the Extend Service Ladder button and climb down. Quickly take out the Arch Vile that spawns near the center of the room.

Then take out the 2 Commandos and another Arch Vile. Use the Soul Cube to quickly take out one of the Arch Viles. After the battle look in the corner for the Johnson PDA.

Go through the security door, kill the Revenant and then open the bay door so you can go through to the CPU Complex.

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