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When you step out of the lift you’ll be given the objective to find Dr. Richard Meyers in the Prototype Staging Area. Just ahead you’ll find a Health Station.

Go through the Security Door and click on the Open Lock button on the monitor. You’ll also see the code to Locker #104 on the monitor on the right. The code is 579.

Open the lockers behind you for a Rocket Launcher and armor. Head out and go through the door you just unlocked. Go through the only exit and pick up PDA (Nasir Adil).

Continue down the corridor and take out the Pinky Demon if you haven’t already. An Arch Vile will appear on the walkway above.

A second Arch Vile appears on the steps by the reception desk. Take them out along with the other smaller enemies. Go through the door behind the desk and take out the Trooper Zombies. Continue forwards and through the only open door to the left.

Clear out more Trooper Zombies and enter into the security office. If you didn’t read the PDA the code to Locker #965 is also on the computer screen (965). Inside you’ll find a Chaingun and ammo. There’s also a Health Station next to it.

Look at the Security Scanner if you want. You’ll notice a Commando in Service Area 1.

Head out and go through the door to Teleporter Staging where you’ll meet Dr. Richard Meyers. He’ll unlock the door outside for you. Leave and go through the door he just unlocked which is now to your left. You’ll see signs leading left to the Service Tunnel and right to Exis Operations.

Go through the Service Tunnel to the left and take out the enemies that spawn in the next room. Take the other exit and go through to a small storage room. Take the other exit out and you’ll spot a Plasma Gun on the ground in front of you.

Drop down and take out the Bruiser around the corner. This beast has a canon on each arm and is as tough as a Hell Knight.

Head around and go up the walkway. After killing the Arch Vile grab the PDA (Dmitry Lebedev) next to the body by the crates.

To open Locker #071 use the code 532. Inside you’ll find some medical supplies.

Go to the garage door at the end of the room and click the Pressurize button to open it. You’ll be outside so move quickly and grab any Oxygen tanks you find. Head over to the lift and call it down. Ride it up to end the level.

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