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In this level you’ll need to make your way back to the Phobos Labs teleporter which should now be active.

Head out of the elevator and go through to the next room. Watch out for the Troopers and Vulgars that come running down the stairs.

Go through to the next room and pick up PDA (Ron Jolson) by the body.

Go through the door opposite and continue around to the large room to the left. Take out the 3 Bruisers when they spawn in.

Go back to the train and climb down the ladder. In the middle you’ll find the BFG.

Climb back up and return to the room with the Bruisers. Go up to the raised walkway and head through the door.

Clear out the Troopers on the other side and continue forwards. An Arch Vile will appear in the next room. Kill it and then take out the Revenants that spawn in afterwards.

Go through the only available exit through the large doors and watch out for the Bruiser on the other side.

Head up the stairs, kill the Trooper and follow the passage around to the left. An Arch Vile will spawn in if you take the walkway straight ahead at the junction.

Come back and follow the other path to the door leading to the teleporter room.

Take out the Bruiser in the teleporter and then turn around to deal with the Revenants.

Go into the controller room and scan for active pads. A Bruiser will teleport in. Deal with it and then click on Pad 1 Delta.

Step into the teleporter and activate it to teleport to Delta Labs.

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