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Alpha Labs Sector 3

Open the door and make your way down the passage, taking out the enemies as you go. Take the first door on the right leading to the waste incinerator control room.

Grab the Mark Lamia PDA and then use the claw control to remove the two barrels without lids. This unlocks the waste incinerator room.

Go through the Waste Incinerator Room, picking up the Maintenance Key 4 along the way.

Go through to the next room and unlock the Locker 047 with the code 123. Make sure you pick up the George Poota PDA on the floor right next to it. Then use the console to raise the storage platform. Watch out for the Zombies that ride up with it. Use a grenade to take them all out at once.

Make your way back and take the other passage leading to the locked door. Now you have the Maintenance Key 4 you’ll be able to unlock it.

Head through to a room where Spiders will try to surround you. There’s also Locker 048 here so use the code 123 to unlock it. You can also drop down the pipes for some extra health.

Go up the stairs into the next room. There’s lots of enemies here so be careful. Once the room is clear take the only door out. Clear out the Zombies and have a look at the computer on the right.

Press this button to open ventilation grate 3. Go back to the previous room, jump on the crate in the corner and crawl through the vent. Take a right and push out the vent so you can drop down to the pipes. Jump across these two sets of pipes and climb up the blue pipes for the Plasma Gun!

Drop down to the stairs below and head back through the previous room. The dark passage with the red lights leads to ammo and armor with a trap. Go and grab it if you want. Then open the only other door in this room, AL2 H05.

Follow the walkway around and ride the lift down. At the bottom Imps and Maggots will spawn in. Grab the loot and head through the door. As you approach the next door 3 Demons will spawn in.

The door is locked so take a look out the window. Something will throw some objects at you and break the window. Jump through and open Locker 049 with the code 123.

Take the exit to the next level.

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