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Make your way forwards and take out the Commando. You’ll hear a message to look out for the Sentry Bot. There’s only one way to go, through the green door. As soon as you enter the next room you’ll be attacked by Trooper Zombies.

Take them out and enter the small side room. Click on the monitor to Activate Sentry. This little bot will help you out in the next section.

Follow the Sentry Bot down the stairs and through the security door. Help the bot take out the enemies as you move forwards through the facility. Pretty soon you’ll come to a Health Station.

Continue past an auto-save point and the lights will go off briefly while enemies start to spawn in. Finish them off with the help of the Sentry and follow it along the walkway.

Watch out for the Commando on the walkway and then the two Revenants at the top of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and continue around to the left. On a lowered section to the right you’ll spot PDA (Phil Anders).

Read the emails to find the code for supply cabinet #108 which is 847. Follow the bot out the next door but watch out for the two Commandos. Just behind them you’ll find another Health Station.

Take out the Trooper Zombies and Commando in the next section. Go through the next green door and up the steps. Two Revenants will spawn in. One in front and one behind you.

Once they’re dealt with open Locker #108 with the code 847. On a crate next to it you’ll find the Rocket Launcher with Rockets.

The next doors opens out to a fairly large cavern. Cacodemons and Revenants will teleport in at first, then Hell Knights.

The lift in the center is not powered. You’ll need to find a Power Cell. go through Transfer Control. Make your way around and up the stairs. You’ll soon come to a little storage room with a generator at the back. Go and grab the Power Cell.

Continue through the green door which leads back to the open area and take out the enemies on the other side. There’s an Arch Vile when you approach the lift and another once you insert the Power Cell and call the lift.

Take them out and ride the lift up to level 2. Head through the green door, clear out the Zombies and take the lift to Exis Labs.

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