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Ride the elevator up and first take the stairs up to the locker room above. Inside one of the lockers you’ll find R. George.

Have a chat with him, then search the room for Video Disk (Ionized Plasma Levitator Briefing), PDA (Marcus Tanner), Box of Shotgun Shells and a Health Station. From the PDA you’ll learn that the code to the storage lockers in this area is 516.

On the way back down you’ll get attacked by Imps. Take them out and then duck through the doorway. You’ll meet a new enemy, the Vulgar. This one is faster than an Imp and ducks down making it harder to hit.

Continue through and use the PDA to get through the security door to the next area. Just through the next passage you’ll have the first boss, the Helltime Hunter.

This guy teleports around the room shooting projectiles. The turrets on the sides will also shoot projectiles towards you. Grab them with the Grabber and aim them back at the Helltime Hunter. After you hit him about 4 or 5 times he’ll be defeated.

The Artifact will be powered up and gain the ability to slow time. Head through the gold door on the right side of the arena and hold the Artifact near to the corpses to charge it up. The Artifact can hold 3 charges at one time.

Use the Artifact to slow time so you can dash past the crushing stone doors.

Take out the Zombie Trooper on the other side, then grab the Power Cell from the generator and quickly go through the next door before it closes.

Head along the walkway, clear the boxes away from the next door and go through. Follow the corridor around to the control room and take out the enemies. In the middle you’ll find a Health Station.

Continue through the next door and into the next room. In the corner you’ll find Locker 029, but first you’ll need to take out all the enemies that spawn in.

The code for Locker 029 is 516. Grab the ammo and then crouch under the gate to the elevator shaft and climb up the ladder. Make your way along the pipes and drop down into the room next to the locker. You’ll find Locker 028 and PDA (Sean Weston). The code for this locker is the same as 029.

Now the door is open so you can head back to the previous room. Take the only other exit to progress and use the Artifact to kill the Trooper Zombies.

Head up the stairs and go through the yellow door. To the left you’ll find PDA (Gregory Martin).

Unlock the ladder to the right and climb up. Take out the Trooper in the next room and continue through to a square room where you’ll get trapped and 2 Vulgars will spawn in. Take them out and continue through to the control room.

Insert the Power Cell and Call the Lift on the computer screen. Unfortunately the lift will arrive with a few Zombies on it.

Make your way back to the lift and ride it up to the next level.

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