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This is the final level for the Resurrection of Doom expansion. Move forwards and deal with the Wraiths and Hell Knight that spawn in. Enter the passageway beyond and kill the Spiders. The stone wall at the end of the passage will open when you get close to it.

Behind the stone wall is a cavern area with an Imp, Vulgar and Cacodemons. Clear them out and continue through to the next passage. Half way down is a side passage to the right. In the original version this teleports you to another dimension where you’ll fight many Mancubis. In the BFG version this has been removed and there’s just a small cave with some ammo and health. On the way back you’ll have to fight past a Hell Knight.

Continue through the passage and head across the lava lake. Take out the Wraith and Mancubis that spawn in the next room.

Head down the corridor where the Mancubus spawned and open the next door. A Hell Knight is lurking behind it.

Make your way through the next passage and watch out for the Imps that try to trap you. Take out a Hell Knight and then go through the room with a fire in the center.

Clear out the Hell Knight and Wraith in the next room and continue through to the open cavern.

At first a couple of Cacodemons will spawn in, then a few Imps as you cross the bridge to the other side. Finally two Vulgars will crawl up over the edge as you reach the next passage.

Head through the passage and clear out the enemies as you go. Eventually you’ll find the portal to the final boss fight.

The Maledict Boss Fight

The Maledict is the final boss for Resurrection of evil and takes the form of a skeletal wyvern with the head of Bertruger emerging from its mouth when it needs to speak.

Phase 1: The Maledict has two phases. For the first phase he will fly over the edge of the platform, reappear and send out fireballs. He can also fly overhead and throw out a few fireballs.

For the first phase the Maledict has 2500 health and he can be damaged with conventional weapons. After his health is reduced to below one quarter it will be reset to 5000 and you’ll enter phase 2.

Phase 2: The Maledict will sit on top of the skull and send out fireballs. Then fly above and breath out fire like the Arch Viles. While he’s sitting on the skull is a good time to use the Artifact and get off a few BFG shots.

Once you’ve done enough damage you’ll get a small cutscene and the game will end. Congratulations on completing Resurrection of Evil!

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