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Delta Labs Sector 2A

Take either path to the left or right and you’ll come around to the same door. Go through for a small vision, then take out the Imps, Commando and Zombie. Go behind the reception desk and duck down. There’s a small button to open the hatch behind you for a secret.

Head into the bathroom if you want all the kills, then call the lift and ride it up to the Archives.

Watch out for the Commando running at you through the next door and the Imp from the closet on the right. Head into the next room and take out the Zombies. In a few seconds a Commando will spawn in as well. Make sure you pick up the Peter Raleigh PDA from the corner of the desk.

There’s a Health Station in the next room. We’ll come back to the locker later. For now head through the next door.

Take out the Commandos and Revenant in the next room with the green glow. This is a hub room with a door to Operations, Bio Labs and the Restricted Area. The first two doors are secured so go through the Restricted Area.

Jump over the boxes and you’ll be at a T-junction with the Test Chamber 1 to the left and Observation Room to the right. The door to the Observation Room is stuck so you’ll need to go to the Test Chamber.

You’ll meet McCormick, he’ll give you security clearance for Operations and wants you to find the Plasma Inducer.

You can download the research on the Soul Cube from the monitor on the right side. It’ll be in your Personal Emails tab.

Head back to the hub and go through Operations. You’ll find the lift is locked, as well as all the offices. One of the office windows is broken so you can jump inside and grab the Frank Cinders PDA.

The Storage Archives are also locked. You’ll need to go back to the hub and enter the Bio Labs.

Continue around to the Examination Room D2-1 and listen to the recording on the computer. Go out the other door and follow the corridor around. You’ll come out into the Hazardous Materials room.

To get to the Backpack on the ledge call the arm down by pressing the 3 button. You’ll want to press the 6 button and then quickly ride the crate up. Jump onto the ledge when you get the chance and pick up the Backpack.

Crawl through the vent and drop down the hole. You’ll be outside M. Abrams Office. If you look at your PDAs you’ll see we picked up one from Michael Abrams on an earlier level. It gives us the code 931 for his office. Unlock the door and go through and press the button on the wall to open the case for the BFG.

Continue through the Security door. Read the computer on the left for the code to Locker 116. Then click on the Activate Oxygen Purge on the other computer. Open Locker 116 with the code 972.

Go through the next door, enter the office and click the button on the computer to Unlock Offices. Enter through the Security door and then back to the hub. Go through the door you entered originally and open Locker 112 with the code 538.

Return to the hub and go through the Operations door. Head around to the right and search through all the offices. In the first office you’ll find the Phil Wilson PDA.

Head up the stairs into the next room and take out the Zombies. Head into the Server Room and pick up the Plasma Inducer. Locker 114 is also in this room. Use the code 715 to open it. You can find the code on a little post-it sticker on the side.

Continue around and move the box that’s blocking the door of the lift. Ride the lift down to the Lobby and go to the hub room. Enter the Restricted Area and go to the Test Chamber 1. Talk to McCormick and he’ll get the Teleporter working and give you the Teleportation Experiments VD.

Go through Decontamination to the Teleporter. Step on the pad and Activate Teleporter Sequence to be teleported to the next area.

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