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Recycling Sector

The stairs ahead are broken so go around to the right to find the Health Station, Jeffery Moen PDA and console where you can Reactivate Primary Pump Systems. Press the button and you’ll get a little message.

Kill the Imps and ride the activated pump up to the higher level. Clear out the enemies, then go through the green doors. You’ll find a room with the exit door to the Monorail, Locker 003 a locked door and a passage.

Use the code 483 to open the locker. Head down the passage with the barrels but watch out for the Imp trap. Take them out, and then the Revenant and Lost souls. Luckily there are quite a few Health Stations in this level.

Head through the next door and then the blue door. More enemies will spawn in. Continue down the stairs to face another Revenant. Navigate around the winding corridors until you find the Environmental Control above the toxic chamber.

Vent Containment Chamber and go back around through the blue door to the yellow door. Go through the chamber but watch out for the Revenant that appears on the other side.

Out the far door you’ll find the new enemy, the Cherubs. Quite a few will come for you and they have a quick dash once they get close enough. There’s about half a dozen of them in this corridor.

Head around to the blue door and go up the stairs. Take out the Imps that spawn in front and behind you. There’s a Revenant up the top too.

Call the lift up and ride it down. Take out a few more Cherubs and go down the stairs. You’ll hear a weird rumbling noise. This is the second new enemy.

Cherubs seem to be seen close by to Mancubis. Head into the large room to face 3 of them!

The Mancubis still have their left, right, left flame attacks. Kill the Mancubis and a ramp will lower. Watch out for the Cherubs that spawn in. Take them out, head up the ramp and go out through the blue door.

Ride the lift up and quickly cycle the three vents to remove the toxic cloud. Then take out the Revenant and continue on to the Scott Johnson PDA.

Go through the green door and you’ll be back in the hub room. Open the bay door and go through to the Monorail.

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