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The Dark Mode was introduced in the Patch 2.0 for Witcher 2 and is around the same difficult as Insane mode although players are able to save their games. It features new Armour Sets that are difficult to obtain but quite powerful. The first is the Blasphemer’s Outfit which can be crafted in Chapter 1.

The Blasphemer’s Outfit includes the Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Trousers and two swords, Anathema and Ultimatum. The cost to purchase the Diagrams for all of the listed items is 1996 Orens. You may need to harvest Nekkers and Endrega and sell their parts to save up enough Orens. You’ll also need to find or buy the ingredients needed to craft each of the pieces.

The two swords, Anathema and Ultimatum, are cursed unless you’re wearing the full set of armor. They will cause damage to you for as long as you’re wielding them. If you have the full set you can use the swords without taking any damage. They also have lifestealing so you’ll gain back life when you damage foes.

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