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  1. Shipwreck
  2. Louise Merse
  3. Loredo’s Mansion

When you investigate the Kayran’s Lair you’ll spot a nearby Shipwreck (#1). Search the Captain’s body for a Key to a nearby Chest. Open the Chest to find a Letter made by the Captain of the Petra Silie.

The Letter needs to be posted to Oxenfurt. This can be done at either of Flotsam’s 2 letter boxes, one in Louise Merse’s Office (#2) and the other upstairs in Loredo’s Mansion (#3).

If you visit Louise Merse first you can ask him about the postbox and use the Axii sign to convince him to give you the Key. You can then search the postbox for other letters. It’s better if you do this before completing the Indecent Proposal main quest so you can search the postbox in Loredo’s Mansion as well.

This quest continues in the next chapter.

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