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  1. Entrance to Loredo’s Residence

When you enter Loredos Residence (#1) as part of the Indecent Proposal quest Roche will notice a working Ballista. As he doesn’t want Loredo to have control over who comes in and goes out of the port he asks you to disable.

The Ballista is guarded by a single lonely guard. You’ll need to distract him somehow. Luckily there’s a woman willing to assist you. Speak to Margarita. She should be standing by herself. Ask her to have some fun with the Ballista guard. You can either pay her to distract him (60 Orens or above), or offer to do her a favour.

The favour she asks is to humiliate two of the other guards, Myron and Alphonse. You can challenge them to an arm wrestling match. If you win, go back to Margarita and she’ll distract the guard for free.

Once Margarita lures the guard away walk up to the Ballista and take the Ballista Mechanism to disable it. This completes the quest.

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