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  1. Tavern
  2. Bartholomew Bargee

Besides poker and fistfighting many of the locals also enjoy arm wrestling. To win an arm wrestle you’ll need to keep the cursor in the middle of a small bar as it moves from left to right. The tougher the opponent the more adjustments you’ll need to make to keep the cursor inside the bar.

To initiate this quest speak with either Zoltan or Skinny Sten in the Tavern (#1). Zoltan will only arm wrestle for fun so you can get some practice. Skinny Sten is the weakest of the local arm wrestlers and can be found on the lower floor of the Tavern. You can bet up to 15 Orens. Once he’s defeated you can challenge Wiry Wilks (25 Orens), and then Big Max (30 Orens).

Once you’ve defeated all of the locals in the Tavern Big Max will recommend you challenge Bartholomew Bargee (#2) in the small village to the east of Flotsam. Go and see him and challenge him to a match. You can bet up to 100 Orens. Once defeated he’ll recommend you see Adam Pangratt for a match. Zoltan also mentions you should arm wrestle against his friends Sheldon and Yarpen. These 3 characters can be found in Chapter 2.

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