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  1. Ciaran (Prison Barge)
  2. Elven Ruins
  3. Cedric
  4. Tavern

Once you finish talking to Ciaran (#1) from The Floating Prison quest you’ll have another memory. Triss will tell you about a rose that she can use to restore your entire memory. Ciaran will tell you about the Rose of Remembrance that grows in the Elven Ruins (#2). Triss will ask if you want her to accompany you to the ruins.

If you go with Triss she’ll lead you to the Elven Ruins (#2). When you arrive pick a Rose of Remembrance. You can give the rose to Triss when she asks if you want. Afterwards thugs will enter the area. Take them out and then watch another cutscene where Geralt protects Triss from a suprise attack and the two of you go crashing down to the baths below.

While the two of you are alone you can enjoy a romantic time in the baths. Triss will ask if you want to drop everything to be with her. You can either agree or say that you need to clear your name first. Either way Roche will come crashing through a wall looking for you. After the talk search the nearby chest for a book in the Wild Hunt. There’s also a breakable wall here with some loot on the other side.

If you decide to go by yourself without Triss you can ask Cedric (#3) about the Rose and he should give you the location, or you can just walk there by yourself.

Once you have the rose head back to the Tavern (#4) and speak with Triss. She’ll tell you that she needs a few days to prepare the potion. You’ll get 250 experience points for completing this quest and the story continues in The Assassins of Kings.

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