Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation features the gorgeous Lara as she searches through the lost tombs of Egypt to find the legend of Horus, the son of light. Set has been released from prison and Lara must race against time to save the world once again.

The training levels for Tomb Raider 4 are set in Cambodia. They explore Lara’s past as she trains with her mentor. The first 2 levels will also give you a chance to figure out the controls and new game mechanics.

If you’ve played the previous Tomb Raider games you’ll notice that the graphics are far better then the first three games with less blocky joints and smoother environment. It features shorter load times, less linear levels, changes to inventory management and the possibility of combining items and new game mechanics such as rope swings and traversing around corners.

Tomb Raider 4 Walkthrough

Cambodia (Training Levels)

Level 1: Angkor Wat

Level 2: Race for the Iris

Valley of the Kings

Level 3: The Tomb of Seth

Level 4: Burial Chambers

Level 5: Valley of the Kings

Level 6: KV5


Level 7: Temple of Karnak

Level 8: Great Hypostyle Hall

Level 9: Sacred Lake

Return to the Temple of Karnak

Return to the Great Hypostyle Hall

Return to the Sacred Lake

Level 10: Tomb of Semerkhet

Level 11: Guardian of Semerkhet

Level 12: Desert Railroad


Level 13: Alexandria

Level 14: Coastal Ruins

Level 15: Catacombs

Level 16: Temple of Poseidon

Level 17: The Lost Library

Level 18: Hall of Demetrius

Level 19: Pharos, Temple of Isis

Level 20: Cleopatra’s Palaces


Level 21: City of the Dead

Level 22: Chambers of Tulun

Level 23: Citadel Gate

Level 24: Trenches

Return to the Chambers of Tulun

Return to the Trenches

Level 25: Street Bazaar

Level 26: Citadel


Level 27: Sphinx Complex

Level 28: Underneath the Sphinx

Level 29: Menkaure’s Pyramid

Level 30: Inside Menkaure’s Pyramid

Level 31: The Mastabas

Level 32: The Great Pyramid

Level 33: Khufu’s Queen’s Pyramid

Level 34: Inside the Great Pyramid

Level 35: Temple of Horus

Bonus Level

Times Exclusive Tomb Raider Level

Tomb Raider 4 Controls

  • Run – Up Arrow. Use Left and Right while running to turn Lara in that direction.
  • Walk – Hold Shift while using the Arrow keys to walk slowly. Lara will not fall off edges while walking.
  • Hop Back – Tap the Down Arrow.
  • Sidestep – Del and Page Down for sidestep left and right.
  • Jump – Alt for a straight up jump.
  • Sprint – Lara has a stamina bar that allows her to sprint for a short time by pressing Forward Slash (/).
  • Roll and turn 180 degrees to face opposite way – End of 5 on the number pad. You can also press Up and Down Arrows together.
  • Draw/hoslter weapon – Space
  • Action Button (Pull lever/Shoot weapon/Climb) – Ctrl
  • Look – Press 0 (zero) on the number pad + the Arrow Keys to look around.
  • Crouch and Crawl – Period (.) to crouch and then use the Arrow keys to crawl.
  • Light or Throw Flare – Press comma (,) once to light the flare. If you press it again you’ll throw the flare on the ground.
  • Binoculars – Your binoculars can be equipped from the inventory screen. Use Space to put them away.

Tomb Raider 3 Combo Moves

  • Jump from Standing – Hold Alt and press a direction arrow to do a standing jump in that direction, forwards, backwards or to the sides.
  • Running Jump – Hold the Up Arrow and then press Alt.
  • Jump & Grab – From either a standing jump or a running jump hold Ctrl while you’re in the air to grab a ledge or other object.
  • Safety Drop – With your back to the ledge hold Ctrl and press the Down Arrow to hop back and hold onto the ledge.
  • Turn and Grab – When you need to jump and spin to grab onto a ladder behind you let go of the ladder you’re holding onto and then press Alt, End and Ctrl to jump spin and grab.
  • Traverse – While holding onto a ledge with Ctrl you can shimmy to the left or right by using the Arrow keys. In Tomb Raider 4 you can traverse around corners.
  • Monkey Swing – While holding on to an overhead object with Ctrl, press the Arrow keys to do a monkey swing.
  • Rope Swing – Jump across to a rope and press Ctrl to hold on. You can use the arrow keys to move up and down or turn to face another direction. Hold the sprint key ‘/’ to swing the rope and press Alt to jump off at the peak.
  • Pull or Push block – Certain blocks can be pushed and pulled. To do this Press Ctrl and tap either the Up or Down Arrow to push it forwards or pull it backwards.
  • Handstand up to ledge – While hanging from a ledge with Ctrl, press Shift + Up Arrow.
  • Dive Under Water – Press Alt while in the water to dive and swim underwater.
  • Get out of water – To climb out of water hold Ctrl and press the Up Arrow.
  • Swan Dive – This can be used to jump into water or if on land to do a swan dive followed by a roll. Press Shift + Alt + Up Arrow.
  • Swan Dive with Somersaults  – Press End while in the middle of the Swan Dive.

Basic Vehicle Controls

  • Climb on board – Press Ctrl to board a vehicle.
  • Accelerate – Ctrl.
  • Steering – Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to steer.
  • Brake – Alt.
  • Reverse (Jeep) – Alt.
  • Nirto (Motorcycle) – ‘/’ or Sprint key.
  • Dismount – Press Alt and then the Left Arrow key to dismount.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive in 1999. It was first available for the PlayStation and Windows and then later for the Dreamcast and Mac OS. Tomb Raider 4 is a single-player action/adventure game that was a bestseller for two months upon it’s release. You can still find Tomb Raider 4 for modern PCs at