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Secrets: 2


Run forwards for a cut-scene. Run past the strange square columns into the room on the left. The camera angle is a little bit weird but just continue to the other side of the room and then up the stairs. Continue around to the right and pull the Lever which opens the Gold Doors in the first room.

Pick up the Torch in an alcove and then light it on one of the burning lamps. Return downstairs to the second room and jump onto the ledge just under the rope. Lara should burn the rope which will open a section of floor in the first room.

Head back to the first room and go through the Gold Doors for Uzi Clips. Drop down the opening in the floor and run through the passage. In an alcove to the left you’ll find some Shotgun Shells (Wide). Continue through the passage until you see a cut-scene where one of the Assassins pulls a Lever to set a trap.

After the cut-scene you’ll be overlooking a large room. Take a standing jump diagonally across to the stairs on the left. Just ahead you’ll spot a Large Medipak in the corridor. This is trapped so ignore it for now.

Jump diagonally across to the ledge on the left and then take a running jump to the stairs that appear to lead nowhere. Go to the top of the stairs and jump up to grab the roof. Monkey swing across to the left and drop down to grab onto the crawlway in the wall to the right. Crawl in for Secret #1, drop down the other side and pick up the Large Medipak and Flash Grenades.

Crawl back out and drop down to the water below. Swim through to the underwater room to the left and pick up the Super Grenades from an underwater block. Pull up onto the ledge and take a running jump to grab onto the tall block on the other side.

Pull up and then climb up the block on the left back to the stairs. Jump or climb up to the ledge on the left again. Stand with your back facing the stairs that lead nowhere and drop backwards, grabbing onto the edge of the ledge.

Traverse across to the left, drop down and grab onto the crevice. Traverse across to the right around the corner. Drop down again to another crevice and continue traversing to the right, around two corners until you can pull up.

Crawl through and drop down into the waist-deep water. Walk to the other side, pick up the Uzi Clips and jump up to a crawlway on the right. Crawl through and drop down to a sloped block. Jump as you slide down to another sloped block and then jump forwards to grab onto another crevice.

Traverse across to the left and pull up for a Small Medipak. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the base of the stairs opposite. Kill the Guard at the top of the stairs and then run all the way up. Kill the second Guard on a balcony to the right once you reach the top of the stairs.

Run up to where you killed the second Guard and turn around to take out a third Guard that’s sneaking up behind you. Pull the Lever to deactivate the flame trap in the corridor with the Large Medipak. Make sure you have full health and then drop down the hole to the corridor below.

Pick up the Large Medipak and continue down the stairs to the Compass Room. The way to complete this puzzle is to move all of the pedestals onto their right locations. Each pedestal has a letter on it, indicating North, South, East or West, Place the N pedestal on the northern point of the compass, the E on the eastern point of the compass and so on with the other two.

When the pedestals are in the right locations the surrounding doors will open. Run around the corners of the room first for a Small Medipak, Grenades and Super Grenades, then run through the West door.

Run down the passage and then pull up onto a ledge at the end. If you want some Flares drop down into the pit on the left side and pick them up. Then drop down the square of water in the middle of the room.

From here there are three underwater tunnels with two trapdoors in the floor. Swim down the tunnel leading south to a room with a Switch in the ceiling. Pull the Switch to close a trapdoor. Pick up the Small Medipak if you have time or go back for air.

Now swim through the north tunnel and pull up out of the water where there’s a rope chain. Pick up the Revolver Ammo in the corner and then run up the ramp back to the Compass Room. You’ll come out through the north door.

Back in the Compass Room go through the East door. Follow the passage down to a room with a Lever guarded by 2 Assassins. Pull the Lever to lower the water level.

Run back to the Compass Room and go through the North door to the room with the rope chain. Hop into the water and swim through the tunnel back to the room with the pipes. The water level is lower now so you can pull up into the west tunnel and run through. Pull the Lever to open the trapdoors and lower the water level further.

Head back and swim through the north tunnel back to the chain. Now that the water level has receded you can pull the Chain, but watch out for another Assassin that appears from the north room. Pulling the chain will open the nearby square door.

Go through the door you just opened and climb into a crawlway on the right. Drop down on the other side and you’ll be attacked by 2 Undead Knights. You can’t kill them but you can use them to help clear the exit.

Run up the ramp in the corner and stand just in front of the wooden barricades. Wait for the Undead Knights to follow you and let them attack. They’ll attack Lara but also clear the barricade.

Quickly run through and climb up to the next room. Run around, following the wall to the left and drop down to the lower level. Just ahead is a deep pit. Drop backwards on the closest side and hold onto the edge. Drop and grab the crawlway just below for Secret #2. Crawl through and then climb up the blocks at the end into a room with another 2 Undead Knights. Dodge their attacks and pick up as much loot as you can. Here you’ll find Explosive Arrows, Revolver Ammo, Flash Grenades a Large Medipak and Shotgun Shells (Wide).

When you are done slide down the ramp in the corner and make your way to the north for the exit and a cut-scene.

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