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Secrets: 1

Chambers of Tulun

Before you can complete this section you’ll need to make sure you have the Nitrous Oxide Feeder¬†and attached it to your bike. The two components for this are the Nitrous Oxide Canister found in the Citadel Gate level and the Valve Pipe found in the Trenches level.

From the Trenches level turn left and drive around the Chambers but stop before you reach the deep pit. Turn around and use your Nitro Boost to drive up the ramp. If you have enough speed you should make it across the gap to the upper level of the building. Hop off your bike and enter through the yellow door.

Kill the Soldier inside and then slide down the ramp. If you look up you’ll see 2 red sprinklers on the roof, either side of another yellow door. Continue forwards into a room with some crates. Kill another Soldier and then pick up the Torch.

Go back to the first room with the sprinklers and run down the ramp. Drop the Torch before you reach the bottom so you can take out another Soldier. Continue forwards and turn left before you reach the closed yellow door. Press the ‘Action‘ key to open the grey door and kill another Soldier. Go back for the Torch and come back to this room. Use the Torch on the lit torch on the wall to light it.

Run back up the ramp to the first room and then go up the ramp to the sprinklers. Stand next to the nearest sprinkler and use the Torch to set off the sprinkler system. This will open the closed yellow doors.

Go through the door between the sprinklers and pull the Lever on the left. This will bring a crate along the pulley system and drop it off in the second room. Run back to the second room, climb onto the crate that was just dropped off and take a running jump to grab onto the ledge. Drop down the other side to enter a small storage room.

All but two of the crates can be shot. Inside you’ll find Arrows, Shotgun Shells (Wide) and a Small Medipak. Shoot the lock on the door on the left to open it. Go through and search the square hole to find the Roof Key.

Climb back onto the ledge and return to the first room with the sprinklers. Go up the ramp and through the yellow door. Go through the door on the right, opposite the lever to return outside. Make sure you hop back onto your bike as you can’t leave the level without it. Drive over the small ramp to land back on the street level.

Continue driving forwards around the left side of the pit. Follow the street around and then turn right to enter the City of the Dead.

City of the Dead

Follow the street around to the right and stop before you reach the deep pit. You’ll need a big run-up here, and using the Nitro Boost aim for the left side of the pit. With a bit of luck you’ll make it all the way across. Run over the Soldier and then get off your bike.

There’s a tricky series of jumps you need to perform to find the second secret for this level. Climb up onto the low ledge with sloped blocks. Climb up the block on the right and flip backwards to the block behind you. Jump again to the block by the building and jump again to the block with slopes going backwards and forwards. You want to jump to the side of the block that’s sloped towards the building. Take final jump to land on a ledge between the buildings.

Drop down the other side for Secret #1 (second secret for City of the Dead). Here you’ll find Explosive Arrows, Super Grenades and a Large Medipak. Climb back over the ledge and get back on your bike.

Jump back across the deep pit, staying to the left side so you can use the small ramp for extra height. Follow the street around to the left and go back through the gate to the Chambers of Tulun.

Chambers of Tulun

Make your way back around the Chambers and drive over the small pit. You won’t need your Nitro for this one. Continue past the ramp and then take a right before the small step to head back to the Trenches level.

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