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Temple of Poseidon

Secrets: 1

Before you begin this level you’ll need to make sure you have the 4 Tridents from the Catacombs. If you don’t, go back there now and complete that level.

Run up the stairs and jump over the gap. Notice the Golden Bird Statue here. You’ll need to climb back up to here later. For now jump across to the Ladder and climb down. This level has a 4-Way Junction with a deep pit in the middle. You’ll be using the Tridents to activate a fountain on each side of the pit.

You can do the sides in any order. I’ll start with the fountain through the arch to the left.

Head towards the large fountain and do a u-turn to the left. Climb up the wall in the corner and get off to the left. Make your way towards the statue and kill the Skeleton. Jump across to the statue and use a Trident to place it on top of the staff. Jump back and climb back down the wall.

When you reach the bottom an Ice Elemental will appear. Remember the Golden Bird Statue at the beginning? Climb back up the wall near the deep pit and backflip to the passage with the statue. Wait there until the Ice Elemental is destroyed. Climb back down the wall and then enter the passage to the right.

Follow the passage around to a room with two levels. Kill the 2 Skeletons and then drop down to the lower level. Turn around to face the way you came and in the left corner there’s a small passage. Crawl through for Secret #1 with Arrows and a Small Medipak.

Crawl back out and climb up the other side of the room. Run through the passage and crawl under the fountain. Climb up the other side and jump across to the statue. Use a Trident on the statue to get the second fountain flowing.

Drop back down into the passage, which is now filled with water and climb out the other side. Run back to the deep pit but fall in just yet! Make your way through the next arch on the right.

Head towards the fountain and carefully climb up into the passage on the left. Make sure you stay far enough away from the burner so that it doesn’t turn on. Crawl through the passage, jump across to the statue and use a Trident to turn the third fountain on. As you run back 3 Skeletons will awaken. Crawl back through the passage and drop down as far to the left of the burner as you can.

Make your way back to the deep pit and go down the next passage on the right. Follow the passage around to a fountain with a pole in front of it. Climb up the Pole to the hallway above and jump over to the statue. 2 Skeletons will wake up so kill them first and then use the last Trident on the statue to get the last fountain flowing.

Slide back down the Pole and make your way back to the deep pit. This time dive in and swim through an opening towards the bottom on one of the sides. Swim through the tunnel and pull up into a room with pillars.

Run up either sets of stairs, kill the Skeleton at the top and follow the passage to the left. Run up the stairs and drop down to a room with small pools. 2 Ice Elementals will appear. Shoot either of the large jars. Both of them contain Golden Bird Statues. Wait by one of them until the Ice Elementals are extinguished.

Enter the next room and search the Sarcophagus to find the Left Gauntlet which is part of the Armor of Horus. This will open two doors to the left and right. Go through either one and climb into the crawlspace on the other side to end the level.

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