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Street Bazaar

Secrets: 1

Climb down the ladder into the garage and approach the wounded Soldier. Pick up the Mine Detonator Body from beneath your feet, the Handle from the table behind you and the Car Jack Body from behind the taxi.

Open your inventory and combine the Car Jack Body with the Handle to make a Car Jack.

Press the Red Button to open the door to the left and go through. Climb into the small alcove for a Large Medipak. Crawl back out and then climb up the ladder to the top.

Jump diagonally to the right and grab onto the handholds in the roof. Monkey swing to the right and drop down onto the ledge. Jump up to the crawlway on the right and climb through to the room on the other side.

Climb onto the ledge and use the Car Jack on the brick wall. Lara will use it to break open the grating above.

Climb up through the grating to the rooftop with the lightning. Run behind the lightning on the left side and wait for the Locusts to disperse. Pull the Metal Box away from the lightning pad once and then push it into the alcove.

Pull the Metal Box with the Basket on top out once and then push it twice so that it sits on the pressure plate under the lightning. The lightning will be redirected, breaking the barrier across the bridge so that you can get across.

Run to the bridge and take a running jump to grab onto the ladder on the other side. Climb across to the right and drop down onto the ledge. Turn around and take a standing jump over the sloped roof to the flat rooftop beyond.

Run forwards and around the corner for Secret #1. You’ll be attacked by a swarm of Locusts. Just ignore them and pick up the Large Medipak, Poisoned Arrows and Flash Grenades. Run back the way you came and jump back over the sloped roof towards the ladder.

Climb up the short ladder on the left into the passage. Drop backwards down the hole, grabbing onto the edges as you slide down to prevent taking damage.

Run down the passage to the right and then down a ramp to a room with wooden boxes in one corner. Down a ramp on the right side you’ll find a headless body with the Mine Position Data. When you pick it up you’ll be attacked by an Armored Bull.

Quickly run over and stand on or near the wooden boxes in the corner. The Bull will charge towards you and knock the boxes away, revealing an exit.

Run up the ramp and up the top kill the Guard to the left. Go through the passage underneath the beams of light on the left side and slide down the ramp to head back to the Trenches.


Go back to the street past the palm tree and continue straight ahead down the street. At the end turn right and run up the steps. Drop down the other side. There should be a block just in front of the sand pile. Jump diagonally across to the brick ledge and pull up.

This where you left your bike. Leave it here and climb up the ladder back to the Street Bazaar.

Street Bazaar

Drop down into the garage and this time run through the door at the base of the ramp. Run through the corridor and use Action to open the blue door back out to the street.

Kill the Guard on the other side of the door and pick up the Uzi Clips under the overhanging ledge on the other side of the street to the left. Continue running down the street to the left and go through the opening on the left side which leads back to the Trenches.


This is the mined area that’s been barricaded off. Walk to the far side of the platform as you enter. The Mine Detonator will only work in this square. Combine the Mine Detonator Body with the Mine Position Data and then use the Mine Detonator to blow up all of the mines.

You can now safely run across to the other side. Press the Red Button to open the door just to the right which leads back to where you left your bike. Hop back onto your bike, drive through the door and run over the Guard to the left. Drive up the hill which leads back to the Citadel Gate.

Citadel Gate

Drive through the barricade with enough speed to make the jump over the gap. Drive around the side of the gap and then left through the passage before the taxi. Run over the 2 Crocodiles and then continue through the street, past the Dragon, back to the wounded Soldier for a cut-scene.

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