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The Tomb of Seth

Secrets: 5

As you begin the level you’ll see some Flares just ahead and to the left. Turn around and pick up the other set of Flares at the back of the cave. Head towards the cave and grab the Shotgun in a small depression.

Continue down the cave and you’ll find Shotgun Shells up the top of a ramp by the left wall. Drop down and continue a little further down. In the next small depression you’ll find a Red Scorpion and Large Medipak. There’s another Red Scorpion in a small depression. Continue down the cave until the short cut-scene.

A Wild Dog will attack as soon as the scene returns to Lara. Kill it and then follow the guide to the bottom of the cave. You’ll notice a Large Medipak on a rock. Pick it up, drop down the other side and then pick up the Small Medipak in the dark corner to the left. You’ll need to light a flare to see it.

Turn around and run towards the other side of the cave. Jump up onto the small block, turn left and take a standing jump into the small passage for Secret #1 and a Small Medipak.

Drop back down, turn right and go through the entrance of the tomb with the image of the bird over it. The guide will be waiting in a room down the bottom. As you enter the room you’ll be attacked by 2 Red Scorpions from the left and right. You’ll notice two square shaped holes in the left wall and one in the right wall. Leave them for now. In the right back corner you’ll find some Flares.

Take the passage down to the right. Go to the left side and safety drop down to the block with the Small Medipak.

You won’t be able to get down here once you check the square holes in the room above. Drop down on the sand and enter the small alcove for Secret #2 and some Shotgun Shells. When you pick up the shells a Red Scorpion will appear behind you.

Climb back out and run up to the room above. Search the square hole to the right for a Large Medipak. Turn around and search the square hole opposite on the left wall. The room below will fill with sand. Take the passage down to the room below and pick up the Small Medipak and the First Eye Piece from the pedestals. When you take the eye piece the gate above will open.

Run back up and follow the guide through the gate. Climb onto the grey block. Turn to the left and use the rope to swing across to the passage with the blue glow. This is Secret #3.

Climb up the wall to the right. This will take you into a large circular room with a revolving blade going around the edges.

Climb up the block on the wall ahead and pick up the Small Medipak. Turn left and wait for the blades to pass by. Climb up and take a running jump to the left to grab onto the ledge. Pull up and climb up the wall ahead to the top of the room. You should be safe from the blades here.

Pick up the Flares and drop down backwards on the other side, just in front of the flares. Take a standing jump to the raised platform below and continue forwards through the corridor. Around the corner you’ll be attacked by a Wild Dog and then another set of 2 Wild Dogs as you move forwards.

Slide down on the left side at the end to avoiding sliding into a hole with 2 Red Scorpions. Pick up the Uzis on the left and then safety drop down the hole in the floor. This will take you to the room filled with sand.

Run up the ramp and go through the gate back to the room with the grey block. To the right is a receptacle for the Eye Pieces but you need to find the second one. Walk down the stairs to the right and follow them around. The guide will be in a room to the left. Wait for him to disarm the blades and then run up to grab the Second Eye Piece.

Run back to the receptacle and combine the two eye pieces into the Eye of Horus. Use it on the receptacle to open the wall. Follow the guide through and kill the 2 Wild Dogs. You’ll come to an open cavern with a Sphinx. The level exit is through the mouth of the Sphinx but it’s blocked with sand at the moment.

Drop down the right side for 2 Uzi Clips and then the left side for a Small Medipak. Climb up the stairs on the right and follow them into a tunnel on the left. Take the first left and you’ll see the guide lighting a fire to open another gate with 2 rams on either side.

Run down the passage and at the t-junction take the darker path to the right into a glowing green passage. You can drop down into the small hole for a Small Medipak.

Continue through the passage into a room with a pool. The gate to the left is closed. You’ll need to open this for the guide. Continue throuh the passage to the right and follow it through to a closed gate. Take the passage to the right to a room with square symbols on the floor and a rope.

Pull the Rope to open the gate below and let the guide through. The guide will enter the pool room and light it, turning it into lave and initiating the fire puzzle in the room above and opening and closing a gate behind you.

You may want to turn around and go through the open gate for an extra pickup. Follow the passage to the right and you’ll find a small room with another rope and a Shotgun. Pull the Rope to reset the gates so you can get out again and follow the path back up to the fire puzzle room.

You need to stand on each of the glowing squares without touching any of the others. It can be completed with a series of simple standing jumps. If you mess up go back to the room with the Rope and pull it to reset the puzzle. As you step on each glowing square a fire will light above the gate ahead. Once all five fires are lit the gate will open.

Pick up the Timeless Sands and continue forwards through the next gate that opens automatically. Run around to the left or right and through the passage to the side of the Sphinx.

Jump around the sand to the back of the Sphinx. Climb up the block and then up the ladder all the way to the top. Pull the Lever which opens a gate for the next secret.

Before going back down walk onto the gold and blue part of the top of the Sphinx and take a standing jump to the front area.

Run to the other side and take another standing jump around the corner to the left for Secret #4 where you’ll find Shotgun Shells and a Large Medipak.

Take standing jumps back the way you came to the other side of the Sphinx. When you’re on the first blue-gold block slide backwards while holding Ctrl to grab on, or just climb down the ladder. The gate to the right should be open for Secret #5 and some Shotgun Shells. Drop back down and go through the tunnel to the right.

Follow it around to a closed gate. Wait for the guide to enter and open the gate. He’ll get scared and run away. I wonder what frightened him so much?

Walk through the gate with your guns drawn and kill the 3 Red Scorpions. Continue down the passage and drop down to the room below. Pick up the Shotgun Shells it the center and climb up the wall to the statue on the other side.

Use The Timeless Sands on the statue. The sand in front of the Sphinx will clear, filling up this room with sand. A short cut-scene will show you the exit. Jump around the big pile of sand and leave the way you came. Head around to the front of the Sphinx and jump up to climb into it’s mouth. Continue through the tunnel for the level exit.

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