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Sacred Lake

Secrets: 0

After you slide down jump onto the platform ahead and go through the doorway to the left. Continue forwards. Some Bats will attack from the right and a Crocodile will attack from the left. Pick up the Small Medipak from the low block and then follow the path the crocodile came from to the lake.

Continue around the corner to the right. Be on the lookout for more enemies as the crocodiles in Tomb Raider 4 can now swim and walk on land. Dive into the water and get out on the sandy bank on the other side.

Somewhere along the way you’ll be attacked by another 3 Crocodiles. Follow the sandy bank along the wall. You’ll notice a closed gate on the right leading to the central structure.

Continue running around the wall until you find an entrance to the left. You’ll be attacked by 2 Bats as you enter. Drop down the hole just below the torch on the wall at the back. Turn around, drop down and then slide down to the base of the wooden pole.

Climb up the pole high enough to backflip onto the platform with the second pole. Climb up the second pole and backflip onto the ledge. Turn around and jump up to climb into the crawlway. Run through the passage and pull the Rope. This opens the gate you run past earlier, leading to the central structure.

Head back out the way you came and safely slide down to the pool below. On the floor under the water you’ll find Flares and a Small Medipak. Make your way through the tunnel back to the lake. Be careful once you get there as you’ll have another 2 Crocodiles to deal with.

Kill the crocodiles first and then swim through the central gate. Pull up onto the ledge on the far right for a Small Medipak. You can jump across to the block next to the entrance for Shotgun Shells also. There’s more Shotgun Shells on the ledge to the right of the entrance. You can get there by climbing up onto the ledge on the far left side of the room.

Once you’ve cleared out the loot dive into the water and pull the underwater Lever under the block at the back of the room. This opens a passageway in the floor. Swim through and open the door down the bottom. Swim back up for air if you need to.

Dive down again and make your way through the twisty passage. You’ll come to an intersection where you can swim up or swim right. Swim to the right first. There’s a room where you can take a breath and it also has a Large Medipak on the floor.

Dive back through the passage and this time pull up at the intersection. Follow the passage around to a room with a large mirror. If you look closely at the mirror you’ll see a hole in the roof that you can’t see by looking directly at it. This is where you need to pull up. The hole is on the left side as you enter.

Once you’ve found the hole climb out and run down the passage. At the end you’ll find the Second Canopic Jar. Picking it up will also open the gate leading to the level exit. Pick up the Uzi Clips by the hole and swim back to the room where the 2 crocodiles where released. Dive down through the passage where the gate was opened to end the level.

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