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Secrets: 1

Sphinx Complex

Run straight ahead down the road towards the ‘Do Not Enter’ gates and kill the 2 Guards┬áthat attack from the left. One of them drops a Silver Key. Head towards where the Guards came from and use the Silver Key to open the door.

Go through to an area with low blocks and take out another 2 Guards on the right. Check out the two alcoves either side on the left for a Small Medipak and Shotgun Shells. If you open the door first a Guard will take the Small Medipak.

To open the door jump across to both of the Levers and pull them. After you’ve pulled both of them the door on the other side will open and a Guard will run in. Go through the door that you just opened and turn towards the excavation pit on the right.

Jump or slide down to the first low block in the center, then across to the flat ledge on the left and take a running jump to grab the sandy block at the far end.

Pull up and approach the next excavation pit. Jump to the flat ledge on the left, shoot the Assassin that appears on the other side of the pit and pick up the Large Medipak. Take a running jump to land on the flat block on the other side of the pit and then climb out.

Kick open the door on the right and enter the building. Shoot the wooden crates next to the door for Uzi Clips. Pull the metal bookshelf on the right wall along towards the door once and then shoot out the metal grating in the crawlway. Crawl through, shoot the grating on the other side and then crawl out.

Quickly shoot another Assassin and then pick up the Shotgun Shells in the dark corner to the right of the door. Make sure you pick up the Metal Blade on the floor in front of one of the bookshelves. Pull and push the bookshelves across to the left so that you can pick up the Shotgun in the corner that was hidden under the bookshelf. This is Secret #1.

Push the Button next to the door and shoot the 2 Assassins. Go outside and turn towards the excavation pit on the left. Take a jump to the flat block on the right and then to the flat block at the end. Jump out and approach the next pit.

Slide down to the flat block on the left. Take a running jump across to the other side and then a running jump to the block on the far right. From here you can jump out of the pit.

Pic 2

Run forwards and you’ll notice Do Not Enter gates on the left. Run around to the right and you’ll notice a large Sphinx. Run between the paws and approach the stone for a cut-scene.

Run back out between the paws and continue around to the right. Jump across the pit on the far left side to make it across in a single standing jump.

Image 3

Turn to the right and from here you can shoot the 2 Guards on the other side of the pit if you use Explosive Arrows. Take a running jump to the first triangular flat block on the left, then across to the far right and climb out of the pit on the other side.

Image 4

Shoot the crates in the left corner next to the Do Not Enter Gates and take the Handle. Open your inventory and combine the Handle with the Metal Blade to make a Shovel.

Return back over the large excavation pit, retracing your jumps the way you came and run between the Sphinx’s paws. Use the Shovel on the cracked earth in front of the stone. Once the hole has been dug drop down and run through the tunnel to end the level.

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