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Return to the Temple of Karnak

Swim through the underwater passage and pull up at the end. Climb up the blocks and drop down into the large room with pillars below. You’ll notice a gate to the left and a pool to the right. Walk through the gate to the left and use the Second Canopic Jar on the square hole. The ceremonial bowl will tip over, pouring liquid into the pool.

Head back through the gate and jump into the pool. This time Lara will walk on water! Run around to the back of the statue, pick up the Uzi Clips and make your way through the tunnel. Pull up to the right at the end and drop down to another open area with a pool.

Kill the 2 Crocodiles and hop into the pool to grab the Shotgun Shells. There’s more Shotgun Shells on the bank on the right side. Dive into the pool and swim through the small tunnel. Pull up and press the large Button. This lowers the cage surrounding the pedestal.

Swim back out and climb up to the pedestal. Pick up both the Hypostyle Key and the Sun Goddess. Climb back out the way you came.

Drop down to the water you can walk on and leave via the gate you entered. Climb up into the crawlway in the wall to the right. This is the path that leads back out to the courtyard with the obelisk. This time you’ll face Von Croy’s Guards along the way. You may have to face up to four of them and they’re quite tough to take down.

Once you make it safely back to the courtyard go down the hallway. There’s another 2 Guards to deal with here. Once they’re dead head through the open grey door to the next level.

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