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Tomb of Semerkhet

Secrets: 7

Break the two jars for Uzi Clips and a Large Medipak. Slide down the ramp to face a new enemy, the Beetles. They can’t be killed but will chase and bite Lara. Quickly run forwards and jump up to grab the handholds on the roof. Swing all the way across the room and drop down to slide into the next room.

The Pole in the center goes down through three levels. Slide down all the way to the bottom. Keep moving to stay away from the Beetles and go to the three alcoves and look in the square holes. One of them has a Small Medipak and looking in the other two will open a door in the room above.

Grab onto the pole in the center and climb up to the middle room. At the back of this room you’ll find a Torch. Pick it up and use it on the fire to light the torch. You can use this to keep the beetles away but you won’t be able to interact with other objects or use weapons while holding it.

Walk to the other side of the room and shoot the jar on the left for a Small Medipak. Go through the door which will close shut behind you. Push open the doors on the left. Follow the tunnel along and then drop down to the room with the Senet Board.

Before dropping down take a couple of standing jumps to the ladder on the left. Climb up and get off on the right for Secret #1 where you’ll find Shotgun Shells (Wide) and a Small Medipak. Jump back to the ladder, climb down and drop down to the floor.

Climb over the game board and go through the tunnel underneath the large face on the wall. Climb up the wide ladder and follow the tunnel around until you drop down into another room. You’ll be attacked by 2 Black Dogs.

Across the other side of the room you’ll spot 3 flamers with square niches. When facing towards them use the right niche first, then the middle niche to open a doorway to the right. The last niche on the left has a Small Medipak.

Run through the doorway and drop down to an area with 6 niches and flamers. You need to press them in order so that you can raise a cage back in the room with the dogs and open the exit from this area.

From the closest niche on the left, going clockwise I’ll order them from A to F. The niche in D has a Small Medipak. To begin the process press the niche in A, then E, F to raise a cage and finally B to open the door leading out from this area. Niche C has Shotgun Shells.

When you are finished here climb out the other side and jump up to grab the handholds and monkey swing around the corner to the exit. This will take you to the room with the three niches.

Climb up the block to the left of the cage and then climb onto the cage itself. Turn to the right and take a running jump across to the ledge.

In an alcove to the left is another niche with a flamer. Use it to turn off some flames down below.

Walk to the end of the ledge and turn around. Hop backwards to grab onto the edge of the ledge. Traverse across to the right, go up, around the corner and towards the small alcove. Climb inside for Secret #2 with a Large Medipak and Shotgun Shells (Wide).

Drop down to the floor below and run down the ramp in the center of the room. The flamers should now be off. Walk to the pedestal and take the Rules of Senet. This will open up a trapdoor on the other side of the gameboard. You can read the rules from your inventory to learn about to play the game of Senet.

Climb back into the passage the way you came and drop down to the game room. Run across to the other side and climb up the wide ladder. When you get off the face on the other side, Semerkhet, will come to life. He’ll be your opponent for the game.

To play spin the four tiles on the wall. You’ll get to move one of your pieces as many squares as you spin white tiles. If you spin 4 white tiles then you can move six squares. If you land on an ankh you get another spin. It’s not a difficult game to win but if you do win a path will open up leading to the level exit but you’ll miss 5 secrets. If you want to find all of the secrets let Semerkhet win this game.

When you lose the game four hatches will open. Drop down either of the two holes in the northern side of the game room. Slide down forwards and just before the second corner jump into the tunnel ahead. This is Secret #3. Slide down the pole and shoot the jars. Pick up the Uzi Clips, a Small Medipak and Shotgun Shells (Wide). Climb back up, jump off and exit the way you came.

Try to slide down forwards and jump to grab the pole at the bottom. Slide down to the middle room and flip backwards onto one of the flat ledges. On one side you’ll find Uzi Clips and on the other a Small Medipak. Jump back to the pole and slide down to the room below.

You’ll see a room with 2 ropes and 2 engraved doors down below. Kill the Bat, turn left and take a running jump across the gap to the other ledge. Run up the stairs and kill the 2 Black Dogs up the top. Pull out the Senet Game Board Piece and then run behind it to push it as far as you can. Pull the Lever to release the hammers and smash it. Inside you’ll find the First Cartouche Piece.

Leave the room and go back down the stairs. Take a running jump to grab onto the first Rope.

Swivel around to the left to face the second Rope and take a jump at the end of the swing to grab onto it. Swivel slightly to the left and jump across to the ledge to the left of the ladder.

On the wall on the left side of the ledge as you land you’ll spot a small crawlspace just above ground level. Jump up to it and crawl inside. Crawl through the tunnel and take a standing jump across to the walkway in the center of the room.

At the other end you’ll see another Senet Game Board Piece. Pull it out once and then run behind it to push it as far as you can until it’s between the two hammers. This time the hammers will swing automatically so hop backwards to stay out of harm’s way. Inside you’ll find the Second Cartouche Piece. Open your inventory and combine the two Cartouche pieces together to form the BA Cartouche.

Continue forwards and drop down to the block just below the entrance. Drop down to the ground level and be prepared to take down another 2 Black Dogs. Shoot the jars in the room beyond for Shotgun Shells and a Small Medipak. Climb back up the small block and then onto the walkway. Jump across, with Action to make it back into the tunnel you came through. Crawl back through to the room with the 2 ropes.

Climb up the ladder and then up the pole through the hole in the roof. A Bat may attack as you get close to the pole. Backflip to one of the flat ledges and pick up the Poisoned Arrows and Shotgun Shells. Slide down the pole.

Take a running jump to the ledge on the left and then either run or take a standing jump to the lower ledge. Push open the door for Secret #4 where you’ll find Explosive Arrows and a Small Medipak.

Leave and jump across to one of the sloped edges so that you’re sliding backwards. Grab onto the edge and safely drop down to the floor below. Use the BA Cartouche on the receptacle near to the eastern door. 2 Black Dogs will run out and attack. Run inside to see a room with another Senet Game Board Piece to the left and a Lever on the wall to the right. The Lever will turn off the flamers but only for a short time. It’s best to set up the Senet Piece first before turning off the flames.

Drop down to the floor and climb up either of the 2 wooden poles at the back of the room. Pull the Senet Piece once and then push it once so that it’s just next to the first flamer. Slide down the pole and run to the other side of the room. At ground level on the left you’ll spot a crawlspace. Crawl through and climb up the ladder back to the room with the 2 engraved doors.

Go through the BA door once more and this time from the walkway take a running jump to grab onto the Lever. Lara will pull it down before dropping to ground below. Quickly run to the back of the room and climb up one of the wooden poles. Push the Senet Piece as far as you can and hop backwards as it’s smashed by the hammers. Pick up the RA Cartouche and then leave the room.

Use the Ra Cartouche on the receptacle near the other door. Head inside and run all the way up the stairs. Drop into the room with 3 ropes and keep moving as a Fire Elemental will attack Lara. Jump up to the ramp on the left and head inside the wide tunnel. Run down to the room below and pull the Lever to release an Ice Elemental. After a few seconds the two elementals should collide, destroying them both. Pick up the 2 Small Medipaks and run back to the room with 3 ropes.

Climb up to the entrance to this room and take a running jump to grab onto the first rope. Swing across to the second and third rope and then jump over to the ledge on the far side for Secret #5. Here you’ll find Grenades, Bullets for the Revolver and Uzi Clips around the corner.

Go back and take a running jump back to the third Rope. Turn to face the right and swing across to the corridor with the wooden pole. As you run across the walkway you’ll be attacked by Bats from behind.

Jump up to the platform with the pole and climb up. When you’re about one body length from the top backflip onto the ledge. Take a standing jump to grab onto the Lever on the wall which will lower a platform. Lara will fall back down. Jump onto the platform with the wooden pole and climb up once more. Backflip to the ledge and this time jump across to the platform that you just lowered.

Look inside the small square for a Torch. Throw the Torch down to the ground below, you’ll need it later. Jump to the pole and slide down. Take a running jump with Action to make it back to the corridor you came from. Drop down to the ground and pick up the Torch.

Run to the center of the 3 rope room and light the Torch with the burner on the pedestal. Run back towards the room you just came from the light the two Torches on the wall.

This will open a trapdoor behind you. Drop down the hole and follow the tunnel for Secret #6. You can easily get past the circular blade trap by standing as close as you can to it and rolling. Inside you’ll find a Large Medipak, Flares, Flash Grenades and Shotgun Shells (Wide). Be quick because after a short while Beetles will begin filling the room. Trapdoors will open either side of the blade trap so you can drop down and avoid the blade if you wish.

Head back to the room with 3 ropes and jump across them to the last rope. Turn to face the corridor with the wooden pole. Climb up the wooden pole and backflip onto the ledge as before. This time run around to the left. Take a running jump over the gap and enter the passage on the right.

Jump up to pull up into a room above. Turn around and take a standing jump to grab the Lever above the door. This lifts up a golden cage between the two ramps. Climb onto the cage and jump up to the room above. This is Secret #7. Pick up the Uzis, Large Medipak and Explosive Arrows.

Drop back down to the cage and run through the passage. Drop down and enter the room with the red tiling to end the level.

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